What Memories Will You Make This Summer?

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family on beach in summer making memories and turning them into portrait

If you close your eyes and think hard enough, can you picture your favorite summer memory? Maybe it was a trip to the beach with your family. Or the thrill of a long evening in the backyard, watching fireflies and shooting stars as they lit up the sky. Or the memory of a joy-filled family meal; cool watermelon dripping down your arms, fresh corn, and ice-cold pop. Or sitting in the sweet grass or on the front stoop, just taking in the magic of summertime with your best friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your fiancé.

Whether it’s the joy of vacation after a busy and structured school year or just the heat of the sun beckoning us outdoors, summertime is packed with special family memories. 

Now, more than ever we’re all learning the importance of making our time together matter. We may not be traveling as much as we once were, or vacationing on the same level as we might have liked, but that doesn’t mean can’t create some awesome summertime memories. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. it’s true! Nothing captures a memory like a great picture; the twinkle in the eye, the shy smile, the embrace of family. 

We’re so grateful that we offer a solution that allows you to take your incredible moment, spring it from your photo album, release it from the cloud, and place it front and center, in your home, as a larger than life portrait. 

Imagine how much joy that moment could continue to give when it’s given the space to shine. 

So, what kind of memories are you going to make this summer? We can’t wait to see them.

From all of us at Paint Your Life, we wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy summer.