Old Military Portraits: Honoring a Family Veteran

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If you have a loved one who served in the armed forces, you always want to do everything you can to show your appreciation for them and their service to the country. Military service is a life-altering sacrifice that takes bravery, determination, and hard work to make. Having a veteran in your family is a blessing, and it is always a great idea to show them love, honor, respect, and appreciation in any way possible. 


How Do You Show Appreciation To Someone Who Served In The Military?


If you are looking for a truly special way to honor a veteran in your family, keep reading! Paint Your Life wants to give you everything you need to make your loved one who served in the armed forces feel honored and appreciated with a meaningful gift that is unlike any other. This post is all about using Paint Your Life to create a masterpiece based on a photo of your veteran family member in uniform. Artwork from paint your life is a meaningful and unique gift that lets the recipient know that you love them without you having to say a word. 


At Paint Your Life, we believe that veterans deserve honor, love, and respect. In addition, we think that family is a big, big deal, and that showing kindness to your relatives, whether they be parents, grandparents, children, cousins, aunts or uncles, is well worth the time and effort involved. 


In addition, if you do not have a veteran in your family, don’t stop reading! This post will still provide you with helpful information about how to use Paint Your Life to give a meaningful gift to anyone close to you. Our mission is to immortalize your precious memories by turning your favorite photos into works of art. Whether you send us photos of your friends, family, or even your pets, we can turn them into beautiful masterpieces.


Why It Matters To Honor Veterans


Those who have served in the armed forces are a brave group of men and women who are often overlooked. Serving in the military is a huge sacrifice given to the country by a veteran, one that often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. This should not be the case! If there is a veteran in your family, take the opportunity to go the extra mile and let them know that you notice them and appreciate their service.


One of the best ways to make veterans feel appreciated is to acknowledge your gratitude to them with your words. However, there is more to honoring veterans than simply saying, “Thank you for your service.” Giving a veteran in your family the gift of artwork from Paint Your Life is a special act of kindness and generosity that is sure to have a major positive impact.


Giving The Gift Of A Portrait To A Veteran: Where To Start


When you decide to give the gift of personalized artwork from Paint Your Life, you can look forward to a simple process free of headaches and hassles. It all starts with a photo of your family member who served in the military. A skilled artist working with Paint Your Life will turn this photo into a beautifully drawn or painted masterpiece.


If you are giving a gift to a veteran who served in a war decades ago, you have the privilege of delving into family history on your search for an old military portrait. Chances are if you are giving a gift to a veteran parent or grandparent who served in a war during the 20th century, they have hung onto their old photos from their time serving in the military. These old military portraits are rich in history but often sit undisturbed in drawers and storage containers for decades without being looked at.


Honoring your family’s history is extremely important. It matters to know where you came from and the hardships that older generations went through to protect the freedom that you enjoy in your life. By giving the gift of artwork from Paint Your Life to a veteran in your family, you are showing that your family’s history matters to you and that you care about your roots. You might not feel like your family members have rich and meaningful stories to tell, but we guarantee they do! Every life story is meaningful and worth celebrating and remembering.


If you are lucky enough to find an old military portrait of a veteran in your family, consider yourself blessed. Hang onto the portrait for dear life to preserve the history attached to it, even passing it down to future generations – your children and grandchildren. This portrait can also serve as the reference for your personalized artwork from Paint Your Life. Once you have found it, you are ready to move onto the next step.


Choosing The Best Medium For Your Artwork


When you give the gift of artwork from Paint Your Life, you are free to choose from a wide variety of types of drawn and painted art. The photo you submit can be turned into a watercolor, oil, or acrylic painting by a skilled painter, or drawn in charcoal, black pencil, pastel, or colored pencil by a master of drawing. The variety of mediums offered by Paint Your Life are all excellent choices for turning a military portrait into a work of art. However, it’s important to know which one appeals most to you – or, if you are giving the artwork as a gift, to its recipient.


More formal, traditional portraits are often painted rather than drawn. However, drawn portraits can be incredibly beautiful, and they offer a fresh take on portraiture. There are no hardline “rules” when it comes to choosing a medium for your personalized artwork. Whatever looks best to you is what you should choose!


Choosing Dimensions For Your Artwork


Your personalized artwork from Paint Your Life can come in numerous sizes. Dimensions for paintings and drawings from Paint Your Life range from small enough to fill a corner to big enough to proudly display above your mantle. The amount of time and resources it takes to complete your artwork will increase the bigger the dimensions you choose are. However, when you want to honor a special person in your family, especially someone who has sacrificed much for both your family and your country, a big portrait is often in order.


Preparing Your Portrait To Give It As A Gift


When you want to honor a veteran in your family with a special gift, it is worth it to go the extra mile and make an event out of giving it! A gift as meaningful as this warrants a special occasion, and it’s a perfect opportunity to get your entire family together to celebrate the life of a beloved family member who gave so much for the country. 


If you want, you can get your artwork from Paint Your Life pre-framed and ready to hang on the wall. This makes the giving of the gift even more grand and ceremonious. Giving artwork from Paint Your Life to a veteran in your life is bound to be an emotional experience for everyone involved, so definitely have some tissues ready to go at the unveiling!


Speaking of emotions…embrace them! If going out of your way to show love and kindness to a family member is out of character for you, now is the time to change that. You are never too old to start being kind to others, and deep down, you know your family means a lot to you. If the idea of giving a heartfelt gift to a veteran in your family sounds like an entirely foreign concept, challenge yourself to do it anyway. 


Spreading love, joy, and kindness to the people in your life can sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. However, when you make a habit out of it, it becomes more and more rewarding over time. 


You can start by giving personalized artwork from Paint Your Life to a veteran in your family. Next, you can give a meaningful gift to another loved one. You don’t have to break the bank to show love and kindness to others, either! Some gifts may be an investment, but even something as simple as just a kind word goes a long way. Start making random acts of kindness a habit in your life!


When you give the gift of artwork from Paint Your Life to a veteran who you love and care about, you are going out of your way to show your love, respect, and appreciation for them. It’s a truly special way to honor someone who definitely deserves it, and a big bonus is that you get to include your whole family in the celebration of your beloved veteran’s life and sacrifice. It’s one of the most meaningful gifts you can ever give!