Create a Moment of her Dreams

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This was a Mother’s Day gift to my Mom. We “tricked” her with a gag gift first. This is her Dad and her on HER wedding day, which he could not attend as he passed before. My father was never able to meet him, and you can see how emotional it was for him, too. Thank you for the best gift I have ever given. My Memere, my Mom’s Mom, just moved in with them a few days ago, so the timing was absolutely perfect as she was able to see it, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Keep reading to learn how we created the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Amanda uploaded two photos to our website and added her request.

Please take the bride from this photo:

Mom at her wedding

And the groom from this photo:

Pepere at his wedding

and paint them together so it looks like my mom’s dad was at her wedding.

Our Dream Team got to work!

They combined the two images and sent Amanda a mockup for approval.

Closeup of Pepere at his wedding
Closeup of Mom at her wedding
The digital mockup created by our Dream Team

Amanda approved the mockup, and our artist, Billy, started painting.

When the painting was complete, a proof was sent to Amanda for review.

The portrait proof. (In art terms, a proof is a photo of an artwork.)

Amanda confirmed that it was painted the way she imagined, and the hand-painted portrait was framed and shipped as a Mother’s Day surprise!

Here’s how Amanda’s mom reacted when she opened her special gift.

When you think of the moments that stick in your memory, you are reminded of those you never got to have. With Paint Your Life, you can create a portrait of a moment in time, even if you were never able to experience it!