Art Pictures: Your Photo On Canvas

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If you love looking back and remembering all of the experiences, people, and places that have made your life special, we get where you are coming from. Life is beautiful, even with all of its ups, downs, and surprises, and there is always something worth celebrating.


Turning Your Memories Into Masterpieces


Because there is so much to be thankful for in life, we created Paint Your Life to celebrate the moments that matter most to you. Turning your memories into masterpieces is what we do best. With a team of skilled artists, we are here to help you create something truly special and unique based on one of your pictures. Here’s how it works: you send us a favorite photo, and we get a master painter on the job to create a gorgeous work of art based on it.


You don’t need to be a master photographer to get a beautiful work of art from Paint Your Life, either. You can turn your favorite selfies into art to celebrate those spur-of-the-moment memories you’ve made. Or, you can send in a professional photo taken by someone else, whether it be from your wedding, the birth of your child, or another special event. The possibilities abound!


What Paint Your Life Can Do For You


Paint Your Life offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your favorite memories in the form of beautiful artwork. It’s a form of personal expression like no other – it’s the closest thing to having a master painter travel back in time to capture a moment that would otherwise disappear. Photos have a magical ability to capture memories, and art has an equally special power to stir up your emotions and remind you of how beautiful life is. Put the two together, and you get something truly unique.


When you order artwork from Paint Your Life, you have plenty of freedom to choose how it turns out. You can send in a photo of yourself, someone else, multiple friends or family members, your children, your house, or even your pets, and have it turned into a beautiful work of art. 


Choosing a photo to serve as the reference for your personalized artwork is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the whole process. Paint Your Life gives you an excuse to spend an evening with your friends or family looking through old photos in your phone or in albums, pulling out decades worth of memories from the attic or closet to look back on. Reminiscing about the best moments in life sparks joy and spreads it to others, leaving everyone who participates with a reminder of the richness of life and how special it is to make memories.


Tears Of Joy Abound!


Once your painting arrives, you can count on a flood of emotions coming up. Seeing a picture that means the world to you turned into a masterpiece is overwhelming in the best way. We have had plenty of videos sent in of friends and family members receiving artwork from Paint Your Life as a gift. Laughter, surprise, and plenty of tears abound as a result of opening up and looking at a special memory that has turned into a beautiful, unique work of art.


If you are looking for some of that warm, fuzzy feeling to brighten up your day, take a look at the videos on our website of parents, friends, and others receiving artwork from Paint Your Life from their loved ones. These are truly special moments that make us proud to do the work that we do!


When You Don’t Know What Gift To Give…


If you are unsure what gift to give to someone for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or another special occasion, Paint Your Life has you covered. Giving a meaningful, personal gift to someone you love is always a great idea, even if there is no occasion. Random acts of kindness need no justification or explanation! When you just want to let someone know that you love them without saying anything at all, giving the gift of artwork from Paint Your Life is the perfect way to do so.


Being generous is one of the best ways to enrich the lives of the people you love, but it especially benefits you. You might not expect giving gifts to others to give you as much joy as getting them. However, it truly is better to give than to receive. Seeing the look on the face of someone you love when they receive the gift of meaningful, personalized art is truly priceless.


Multiple Mediums To Choose From


When you get artwork from Paint Your Life, you have multiple types of art to choose from. There are multiple styles of drawings and paintings, and our artists are masters of each. You can choose from acrylic, oil, or watercolor paintings, or drawings in black pencil, charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil. That’s a lot of options to choose from!


If you aren’t sure which type of art is best for you and your style of decorating, take a look online at our gallery of examples from each of the different mediums. You can find examples in each medium of artwork based on an abundance of different types of photos ranging all the way from professional pet photography to quickly-taken selfies of family members together. There are tons of ways to customize your artwork!


Another element of personalization that allows you to tweak the specifications of your artwork is its dimensions. Paint Your Life offers artwork in a number of different sizes, from very small to very, very big. Depending on how much wall space you want to fill in your home, you can determine which size is right for you.


Honoring Lost Loved Ones


If you have lost someone that you care about, whether they be a person or a pet, Paint Your Life can help you honor them by including them in your personalized artwork. Even if you do not have a photo with you and your lost loved one together, the gifted artists working at Paint Your Life can even put two images together to create a seamless masterpiece that is sure to make some tears of joy well up.


Artwork is one of the best ways to celebrate the life of a person that you miss and love dearly. Even after someone you love has passed away, you can keep their memory living on by proudly displaying their painted or drawn likeness in your home. Memories can last forever, and Paint Your Life is here to help you celebrate the people and memories that matter the most to you.


A Place For Pets


One of the most special things that Paint Your Life can do for you is help you honor your favorite furry friends. If you are looking for a special way to honor a past or present pet, Paint Your Life is here to help. Pet artwork is sweet, quirky, and full of life, love, and joy. It’s perfect for displaying on the wall in your own home or as a gift to a pet-lover in your life. 


Pet artwork from Paint Your Life can feature you with your pet or just them riding solo. No matter how you choose to do your personalized pet artwork, it is bound to bring joy to your heart and to anyone who sees it! If you have a friend or family member who loves their pet, pet artwork is the ideal present for them. Simply snag a photo of them with their dog or cat, or take one yourself, then Paint Your Life can cover the rest.


Immortalize Your Memories In A Truly Unique Way!


Paint Your Life gives you the chance to proudly display your precious memories on the walls of your home. The unique photo-based artwork also makes a perfect gift, one that can be given to friends and family members on any occasion. Celebrating the people you love with beautiful art is one of the best ways to give gifts and spread love, and it’s always a good time for that! 


Paint Your Life makes the process of decorating your home in a meaningful way simple and easy. If you are not sure where to start with home decor, there’s no better way to go than filling your home with depictions of your favorite precious memories and the faces of the people that matter the most to you. This type of decorating creates a warm, welcoming environment that makes others feel at home. Plus, Paint Your Life gives you plenty of opportunities to customize and personalize your artwork, allowing you to create a unique style of home decor that is entirely yours.


So, what are you waiting for? Start digging through those photo albums and find something that deserves to be turned into a masterpiece! It might be hard to choose just one photo – but having too many great memories is a fantastic problem to have.