Give the Gift of Pure Emotion and Love This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood, a time to show honor and gratitude to the matriarchs who gave us life; the ones who stayed up late with us, soothed us, and did their best to make us into the people we are meant to be.  It is our annual reminder to give love and thanks to all the mamas in our lives. 

While Mother’s Day is a true celebration of life this year, many of us are at a loss about how to celebrate. This past year has turned our worlds upside down and the distance caused by this pandemic has left many a mama with a deep longing for genuine family connection. 

There has never been a more important time to bridge the gap of time and space and show our mothers across the globe how much they matter. Paint Your Life offers a unique and heartwarming way to do just that with a hand-painted “compilation portrait” which allows you to gather images of family members from across the globe (or even across generations) and create a new image joining loved ones together in a single portrait. 

Anyone can commission their own compilation portrait with Paint Your Life. The process is simple and all you need are photos of those you want to include in the portrait and a basic vision about how you want it to look. After submitting your photos to Paint Your Life, you’ll work with your artist of choice to create a compilation image of your loved ones, blending them in such a way to make it look as natural as if they were posing together.

Here’s how we do it 

Although we live day to day within the limits of space and time, a compilation portrait is an incredibly personal and meaningful way to bring the family together. 

Your imagination is your only limitation. 

A Paint Your Life compilation portrait is a unique way to close the distance so many of us are feeling – and it’s a gift that continues to give joy!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a family to come together and present the new mom or the matriarch of generations with a gift that celebrates what she means to you and your family. Even if you can’t come together physically, Paint Your Life will ship your portrait anywhere in the world so that it can arrive in time for Mother’s Day. 

Let Paint Your Life help you honor your mother and deliver a gift with the emotional impact she deserves; a one-of-a-kind portrait she can cherish for a lifetime.

My mom and her 3 daughters’ only hope was to have her parents know their great-grandkids. The oldest great-grandson was born when she was in the hospital. 2 weeks after his birth she passed. When I came across paint your life I knew right away this was what I needed to have done. This is the best and by far the best gift she will ever receive.