The 2020 Guide to Bringing the Family Together While Staying Safe

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Grandmother hugging her beautiful grandchildren

“Here’s the story

Of a world gone crazy

Every family is staying in their homes.

Social distancing, hand washing.

Put your mask on.

How long will this go on?”

We’ve all felt, at one point or another, that our social and professional lives have turned into a far too modern version of the theme song to the Brady Bunch. Everyone is on the same screen but each in their own distinct boxes. Family members and work colleagues looking to connect and cooperate but only able to bridge that gap in one-dimension. This is the new Covid-19 reality and to keep our loved ones safe, of course, we will abide. Yet the isolation is taking a toll, especially on the elderly community where companionship and connectivity are already at a premium. Grandparents around the world are longing for something deeper than a Zoom family reunion.

Father, son and granddaughter together in three generation family portrait This is not to downplay the enormously positive impact that technology has had allowing families to indeed maintain regular contact and business to remain at least nominally functioning. With Skype, Google Chat, Zoom, Facebook Messenger working in high gear to provide us all ample opportunity to connect (bandwidth permitting), they will never take the place of physical contact. That type of true contact may not return for some time but putting creative thought behind how to connect deeply, despite the social distancing and quarantining, is more important than ever.

A grandparent, even a tech-savvy one, cannot maintain a Zoom reunion indefinitely. But wouldn’t they be delighted if they could wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night surrounded by their loved ones with zero fear of the pandemic! With the help of a little technology and the unbelievably talented artists at Paint Your Life, you can create a portrait containing all your loved ones in one place, on one canvas, as lifelike, natural, and lovely as an actual moment in time. 

What makes this offering so unique and special is that the pictures that will form the basis of your Compilation Portrait, don’t have to be a single picture. Paint Your Life takes individual pictures that the artists deftly combine into a holistic and organic portrait, including painting in any background of your imagining. In this way, you can create the family reunion of your dreams and present it as a gift that will last a lifetime.

Over the years, the imaginations of Paint Your Life customers have led the way towards more and more trends and techniques to make this already life-touching gift even more meaningful. For example, by incorporating the picture of a beloved family member who has passed away into your family portrait, it is possible to truly bridge time as well as space. This brings together generations who never had the privilege of meeting each other in this life, capturing them for eternity in a magical moment in time.

Today, everyone is seeking ways of coming together safely. Unfortunately, for many of us, that means everything but in-person get-togethers. A creative and meaningful portrait, bringing together generations, far-flung family members, and even people no longer with us, is a beautiful and heart-warming way to protect the health of our loved ones while infusing all of us with the real meaning of what’s important in life – connection, family and love.