Six Things You Didn’t Know Paint Your Life Could Do for You

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When we opened our doors and began turning your favorite photos into stunning portraits, all we wanted to do was to bring joy to our Paint Your Life family. Over the years, it’s us who have gotten so much inspiration from you! Working together with our talented artists, your imagination and creativity continue to blow us away every time. 

Your ideas for jazzing up your photo moments, making them even more meaningful, unique, and tailored exactly for the person you’re gifting has gone beyond what we could have ever imagined on our own, and we thank you for that! We’d like to share with you just some of these ideas to take the hum-drum out of your wall art and surprise your loved ones with custom artwork.

#1 Send a written message

One thing we say quite often around here is that a picture is worth a thousand words. And that’s true. A portrait can express emotion, represent a moment in time, and capture a connection in one frame that it would take a whole book to express. That said, our community has shown us that sometimes incorporating a few choice words into your artwork can really amplify your message. 

Here are a few words from Deja about the backstory of this powerful portrait.

With all the turmoil going on in the world, I could tell that my father felt as though he was failing us, as if he was responsible for the uncertainty of when me or my sister stepped outside. I wanted to remind him, to reassure him, that he was doing a great job. That I saw everything; his pain, his fear, his uncertainty. I wanted to let him know that we love him, that we need him and that he matters; now and always. My father absolutely loved it.

#2 Enhance your photo with embellishments 

My oldest brother died when he was 18. My mom collects angel art. I wanted a baby picture of my brother to be painted with angel wings so it would match many of the angel paintings she already has. She says it’s the best gift she’s ever received!

Who doesn’t remember that classic photo in your parents’ wedding album of them toasting each other within a wine glass? Or envisioned that glamour shot of your fiance lying on a bed of roses? Maybe you would like to proudly wave the Stars and Stripes behind your family’s soldier? Or remember a loved one who has passed and thought of as an angel. We can help you embellish your photo and create a magical scene of love, remembrance, adventure, and glory. Together, we can set the stage for fulfilling your dreams and reliving your favorite memories.

#3 Unite generations 

My grandmother passed away almost 8 years ago. She never got to meet her great-grandchildren, but she would’ve loved all of her boys. It’s only fitting that my sister and I (along with our dad) had an oil painting commissioned of her with our four kiddos. It was the greatest gift we’ve ever given.

So often the people we love the most are taken from us too early. We are very familiar with the hole that is left in our hearts and memories forever. Nothing will ever bring back our loved ones or make it so a deceased grandparent can hold their grandchild in their arms. Yet, through the power of imagination together with a well-crafted, hand-painted portrait, this wish can come true. By far one of our most popular and meaningful pieces is our Compilation Portrait

How does it work? You send our artists’ photos of the people you wish you could bring together in real-life, and through the magic of art, we bring them together for you on canvas. The responses of family members seeing their loved ones across generations and continents together in the same frame are something beyond words. We’d be honored to help you make this dream come true.

#4 Transcend time and place

My sisters and I did not grow up together, therefore my mother had no photos of all three of us. So I decided to go to Paint Your Life and ask them to compile three photos into one painting as if we were all together as it should have been. This video shows how much this painting meant to my mom and that it will be cherished forever.   

In today’s day and age, our loved ones may be dispersed across the globe. Or maybe you simply don’t have a single portrait of all your siblings together. Wouldn’t your parents love to see all their children in one place? Imagine your grandparents having all their grandchildren in a single portrait. 

This has become a very popular variation of our Compilation Portrait, which allows you to send in separate photos images and our artists will transcend time and space to bring them all together in one group portrait.

#5 Bring old photos back to life

Our artists have the ability to see beyond what’s right in front of us. They can take an old, tattered, faded, and time-worn photo and bring it back to life. With digital technology and an artist touch, we can work with just about any photo, and with your direction, infuse realistic skin color, hair shades, clothing patterns and adjust the filtering when needed. 

Have an old photo of your grandfather overseas while serving his country that deserves a special place on the mantle? A family portrait from decades ago that your sister would appreciate? Let us work with you to bring these photos back to life.

#6 Celebrate a lifetime of achievement

Our lives are not measured in age, but in experiences, relationships, moments, and accomplishments. Acknowledging your loved one’s life’s highlights in one thoughtful, hand-painted portrait is a very meaningful way of commemorating a milestone. 60th wedding anniversary. 50th birthday. First great-grandchild. Our artists will work with you to create a customized and inspiring portrait through time, telling a full life’s story, exactly the way you want it told.