Three Generations Together

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Sara had a wonderful relationship with her Grandpa Jay and wanted to keep his legacy alive by naming her son after him. As her dad stepped into his own Grandpa shoes and built a bond with his grandson, Sara was reminded of her Grandpa Jay. She wanted to do something special to show her dad how much it meant to her that he was the person her grandfather had been to her for her son.

Sara uploaded three photos with a simple request:

“I would like to have all 3 of them combined into one portrait like they are all posing together.

Our Dream Team got to work and sent a design to one of our talented artists, who created this wonderful charcoal portrait.

His reaction was priceless!

A Father’s Day gift for Grandpa Jay!

Here’s a bit more of what Sara had to say about her beautiful portrait:

I have yet to meet anyone who knew my Grandpa Jay with anything negative to say about him. He was the light of so many lives. My dad emulates him in every way and has become a grandfather to my son the way Grandpa Jay was to me. My grandpa Jay passed away when I was 16 years old, 10 years before my son, Jay, was born. He would have been my son’s best friend, followed by my dad for sure. When I saw the opportunity to have a portrait made of the three of them together for my dad, I jumped at that chance. I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.


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