How to Have an Awesome Staycation and Take the Pictures to Prove it!

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The summer of 2020 may look very different than summers of our past, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still tap into the joy of summer and create meaningful experiences while enjoying our very own summer staycation.

In fact, studies show that during times of stress or constraints on what we can and can’t do, the opportunity to be more creative is even greater. It’s what’s known as making the most of what we’ve got!

Our greatest joy at Paint Your Life is bringing joy to the people we serve. We do this by providing a service that allows you to acknowledge your most special people in your most special moments and turn them into family heirlooms that will last for years to come. 

We want to continue to help you tap into your joy, so we put together our top tips for creating the most creative family portraits of your loved ones this summer, in hopes that this will be a summer you’ll never forget, for all the right reasons. 

Open your mind, your heart, and your imagination and make the family photoshoot of your dreams.

Tip #1 Dust off the Halloween box!


Every year we let our imaginations run wild with costumes, props, and scenes. Why wait until October? Take some inspiration from Halloweens gone by and use what you already have to create a scary, intriguing, or just plain funny family portrait. Have you become a family of vampires? Are we celebrating Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Bride? Did your family just finish filming Monster’s Inc? Go for it!

#2 Sprinkle some magic filter dust.


Our phones have an almost limitless range of filters; sepia, pop, neon, black and white, you name it! Each filter gives a completely different look and feel.  And guess what? Paint Your Life can create filters or embellishments for you too! 

We can create original artwork using charcoal, pencil, acrylic, watercolor. Whatever style you’re after, we have you covered!

Use a filter to create old-time photos from the Wild West, your great-grandma’s prairie homestead, or the front stoop in the Lower East Side of New York. Go for a futuristic look as you strike a pose with a neon-pop filter. Spike that hair and create visions from other worlds and planets. Your imagination is your only limitation. 

#3 Make it a family movie night! 


If you’re stuck, try turning to your favorite movie to loosen your creative juices.  Whether it’s a high energy, superhero-inspired action flick or a good old fashion musical,  you’ll be sure to have inspiration for a creative family photoshoot recreating your favorite scene.

We recommend you check age appropriateness, make sure that the whole family watches (no excuses!), and serve two kinds of popcorn to get everyone in the mood! 

#4 Teach your dog a new trick.

A family photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without the cutest, fluffiest member of the family. Make sure that they are a part of the creative process so they can fit in naturally to the scene and theme you’ve created. Turn your poodle into a mountain rescue dog or your pit-bull into a royal pet. Either way, they should be an integral part of the final portrait. Take a look at our pet gallery for more ideas on how to get those fur babies to smile for the camera.

#5 Take it outside.


The greatest props in the world come from Mother Nature. Trees, sunsets, rivers, lakes, grassy lawns – the outdoors (enjoyed safely and socially distanced!) make the perfect setting for you and the family to get a little fresh air, take some deep breaths, and do your thing. 

#6 Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!


Sometimes the greatest pose is the one we weren’t expecting. Spontaneity brings out our true selves. Just let your loved ones do their thing without even knowing you have a camera and you could capture a moment of pure joy and tenderness.

We hope this list helps you to create and chronicle the summer of 2020 in a way that leaves you with meaningful memories.

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.