How PaintYourLife Brings People Together

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Family togetherness is so important. But when you don’t see your grandparents, parents, children, or grandchildren as often as you’d like, keeping those relationships as strong as ever can be tricky. Whether you live far away from each other or life simply gets in the way of spending quality time together, you need to do something extra special in order to unite your family. PaintYourLife brings people together in a beautiful, thoughtful way.

Expert portrait painters at PaintYourLife can turn a photo into a painting, allowing loved ones to feel close even if they aren’t able to see each other regularly.

Here are a few of our favorite experiences customers have shared with us.

Custom Hand-Painted Portrait for Digital Grandparents

Ann and her husband are “digital grandparents.” Since none of their grandkids live nearby, they’ve gotten used to using technology to “visit” and develop relationships with them. Ann wanted to feel even closer to her grandkids, so she decided to try something a little different. Once her grandson William turned 2, she hired an artist from PaintYourLife to create a beautiful hand-painted portrait of him. It turned out perfect! Here’s Ann FaceTiming William to show him his new portrait she just had made.


PaintYourLife Brings People Together Across the Country

Ann loved seeing William’s portrait every single day, even when she was so far away from him. So Ann and her husband decided to turn it into a tradition! Now, once her grandchildren are between 18-24 months, Ann and her husband commission a one-of-a-kind portrait of them from PaintYourLife. So far, they have 10 grandchildren and 10 beautiful portraits. Here’s Ann seeing one of the portraits for the first time. You can totally feel the love this grandma has for her sweet grandson through this video. We dare you not to smile while watching it!

The Perfect Gift for Mom

While Desiree was living across the country, she missed her mom so much – and she knew that her 85-year-old mom missed her even more. Her mom had always talked about how much she wished she had a portrait of her to hang up and look at whenever she missed the good old days. Desiree decided to make that dream a reality. She hired an expert artist to create a custom oil painting from a childhood photo. She surprised her mom with the gift on Christmas morning, and her mom was absolutely thrilled! In Mom’s words, “Isn’t that sweet?”


Bring Your Family Together with a Custom Oil Painting

While your family may be far apart physically, it’s still possible to stay as emotionally close as ever. Give the gift of a custom oil painting in order to strengthen family relationships, no matter the distance.

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