Gift Ideas for The Woman Who Wants Nothing

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What Do You Get For Someone Who Does Not Want Anything At All?

Giving a good gift can be a real challenge, especially when the person you are shopping for just does not seem to want anything? Not everyone is crazy about gifts, and some people would rather gain a good memory than a tangible object. Sometimes, the best presents are not really just objects, though – they carry precious memories and stories with them and are bound to bring up a well of emotion.

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In this article, we will go over some of the best gift ideas for a woman who does not seem to want anything. These gifts are perfect for a woman who values the most important things in life – love, companionship, family, and making good memories.


Why Artwork Makes A Great Gift

If you’ve never given someone the gift of a masterfully done piece of art before, you are in for a treat. Art has a unique effect on the human soul. It stirs up the emotions, brings back memories from times gone by, and awakens a deep appreciation for beauty. When you give someone artwork as a gift, you are not just giving them a nice looking object. What you are really giving them is something uniquely beautiful to cherish and appreciate for years to come.


In addition, art has a special way of communicating something that words can’t. If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of having a word on the tip of your tongue, you know the relief you feel when you finally think of that word. Seeing a beautiful piece of art that stirs up your emotions and resonates with you is like remembering that word on the tip of your tongue. It connects with your soul and makes you feel things too deep for words.


At Paint Your Life, our artists are experts in using artwork to help you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. If you need a gift for a woman who wants nothing at all, Paint Your Life has plenty of options for beautiful presents that are sure to make her feel loved and cared about.


What To Give Depends On The Person

When you are giving a gift to someone who does not seem too interested in receiving presents, you don’t need to be discouraged. There’s a way to every person’s heart. Each individual human being has things that are near and dear to their heart, and these are the things to focus on when you want to give a truly meaningful gift.


A gifted artist working with Paint Your Life can turn any photo of family, friends, and even pets into a gorgeous work of art that makes a perfect, personal gift. For someone who might not be too keen on receiving gifts, it’s a perfect way to give something thoughtful that they’re sure to love.


Think about the woman you are giving a gift to and all of the things that matter most to her. If she is a mother, this could be her kids. If she’s your mother, it could be you! If she’s a woman who loves animals, it could mean her pets. There’s plenty of possibilities with Paint Your Life, and the subject matter you choose for a painting depends on the woman you are giving it to.


Portraits For Pet-Loving Ladies

If you need a perfect gift for a woman who is crazy about her dog or cat, you’re in luck. Paint Your Life’s artists are pros at turning a pet’s likeness into a beautiful drawing or painting that is sure to bring joy to the woman you give it to. Some who are less interested in gifts prefer to receive something that is sentimental, rather than just the next useful gadget or an article of clothing. A painting of a beloved pet is a perfect gift for someone who cares more about the meaning of a gift than the price tag.

Custom oil painting of a dog

For the pet-loving lady in your life, giving the gift of a portrait of her precious pet is as easy as pie. It all starts with taking a photo of the pet, either with her or on its own. This part of the process is one that you might need to be a bit secretive about. That way, you won’t get asked, “Why are you taking a photo of my dog?” by the recipient of the gift. Sometimes, the best option for a reference photo for a portrait is a picture that has already been taken. If that isn’t an option, though, be as sneaky as possible with your pet photography, so you don’t ruin the surprise!


Paint Your Life offers gorgeous pet portraits in multiple mediums, both forms of paint and pencil. Paint options are acrylic, oil, and watercolor, each of which has a distinct look. You can’t go wrong with any of them! For pencil, you can choose from color, black or charcoal, all of which look stunning. There’s no wrong choice when it comes to mediums for artwork.


Need Something Sentimental? Start With A Photo From A Very Special Day

If the woman you’re giving a gift to happens to be your wife, one of the best places to look for source material for a piece of art for her is in your wedding photos. Even if you didn’t have a professional wedding photographer take pictures on your wedding day, you could still use a photo taken by a friend or family member.


Pictures from your wedding day make perfect references for artwork because they celebrate the love shared between you and your spouse in a truly special way. When you’re giving a gift to someone who isn’t big on presents, giving something with sentimental value is the best way to go, and your wedding day is one of the most sentimental moments in your life!


If you have a wedding photo that you think is the best one of the bunch, go with your gut and make that the point of reference for your gift. Then, Paint Your Life will take care of the rest! And remember, it doesn’t have to be a professional photo! Anything that shows the love you and your spouse have for each other will do just fine.


Celebrating Family With Beautiful Artwork

When you’re giving a gift to a special woman in your family who’s not normally the biggest fan of presents, there’s one surefire way to make her feel loved – celebrating your family! Family is incredibly special and worth honoring with a piece of beautiful artwork. At Paint Your Life, our amazing artists are ready and able to turn your family photos into breathtaking artwork that can be proudly displayed and passed on through generations.


A portrait of your whole family turned into a work of art is the perfect gift to give to your mom, but it’s also an ideal present for grandparents, aunts, uncles, or for your own children. When you’re giving gifts to people in your life who aren’t big on receiving gifts, one of the most important things to remember is that everyone has something that tugs on their heartstrings. For many, it’s family.


Proudly displaying artwork based on a family portrait is a great reminder of what matters most in life. When you give the gift of a painting of a family portrait, you’re giving the recipient a constant reminder that there is so much to be thankful for, especially family. That’s something everyone often takes for granted, and seeing the smiling faces of your family members, beautifully painted and hanging on the wall, is a perfect way to remind yourself.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…But Words Are Great, Too

When you give the gift of a painting from Paint Your Life, it’s always a great idea to add a meaningful, handwritten note to the present. When you’re giving a gift to an important woman in your life, she is sure to appreciate your thoughtful words just as much as the gift itself.

When you were younger, you may have skimmed through cards from friends and family members, mostly concerned with whether money would fall out of the card or not. Now that you’re an adult, though, you’ve experienced how meaningful and special words can be. A thoughtful card from someone near and dear to you is just as special as a nice present, if not more. So, when you give a woman in your life artwork from Paint Your Life, write up a thoughtful card to go along with it!


Now that you’ve learned some of the best gift ideas for a woman who doesn’t want anything, you know exactly where to start! Get to work on finding a great reference photo and writing a thoughtful card, and you’ll be well on your way to giving a beautiful gift.