Cherish Sweet Memories–Create A Child or Baby Portrait Using Your Photos!

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Whether they be your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or the sons and daughters of your close friends, children are a gift that brings light to many of our lives.  

Aside from bringing out our playful sides, children also possess an innate sense of wonder and wisdom that never cease to teach and amaze us.

Sadly, childhood doesn’t last forever–which means it’s important to cherish the times when our children were young, or even our own nostalgic memories of our earliest years.

At Paint Your Life, we offer customers the unique opportunity to re-create photos of children as beautiful, hand-painted portraits, so they can always be remembered in the cute, innocent state of childhood. 

Take a glimpse into the wonderful experiences a few of our past customers have had in transforming a photo of their children (or their younger selves) into a child or baby portrait

“The painting looks amazing.”

Worried that your kindergarten yearbook photo or the shot of your son at his 10th birthday party is too old and worn to be easily transformed into a portrait? Not to worry–our artists know how to incorporate the essential aspects of the photo while giving the image a little upgrade.

See how one of our customers had this experience by watching the video below!

“They came out beautiful!”

“We had Aaron recreate our wedding portrait and it turned out perfect! I had referred a friend who had her wedding portrait, too. I knew right away what I wanted to do with my credits. I picked my favorite baby pictures of each one of my children and had Aaron paint them. They came out beautiful! I cherish each and every painting Aaron and Paint Your Life has done for us. We are repeat customers and will be be customers for life!”

We love hearing stories of repeat customers that have found a favorite artist to paint various life occasions and family members. Our artist Aaron did a terrific job of celebrating the early years for this family’s children. Just look at how adorable they are holding their portraits in the photo below!


“They were in tears.”

“My husband and I gave my parents the oil painting of our children on Christmas Eve.  They were in tears – the photo was taken at their new home on the beach – it was the best gift we could have given them and can’t wait to see it hung in NC. Many thanks!”

As you can see, child or baby portraits have the power to evoke strong emotions and memories in ourselves and our loved ones. For relatives who don’t live with children, having the opportunity to hang a portrait of little ones on the walls of a home can be deeply meaningful–making these portraits a terrific gift option!


“Little did I know how much this would impact her…”

“My mother never had all three of her daughters together while we were young, therefore she had no pictures of us together. Recently we had plans for a little reunion for all of us to be with my mom but those plans changed when hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, where one of my sisters lives. My mom was heartbroken. So I thought if someone from could create a painting with all three of the sisters together when we were young and my mom would have something to cherish. Little did I know how much this would impact her and how precious this gift was. This painting is something she would cherish forever.”

How wonderful that, despite not having a photo depicting the customer and her sisters all together as children, the artist was able to create the scene in portrait form. See this customer’s mother’s reaction upon receiving this creative and adorable children’s portrait in the video below. 

A stunning sibling portrait


“The watercolor of my granddaughter looking at her new baby brother is stunning. It will forever represent the innocence of the young and be a treasured piece of art in our home.”

The look in our customer’s granddaughter’s eyes while gazing at her newborn baby brother is unforgettable–no wonder our customer wanted to capture it in watercolor form!

If you have a photo (or photos) of children or yourself as a child that you yearn to turn into a creative and stunning portrait, there’s no time like the present.

Browse our child and baby portrait gallery to see more examples and place your order today!