Best Mother’s Day Gifts: Make Mom’s Day with a Beautiful Portrait

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Mother’s Day is the one day each year that’s completely devoted to showing love and appreciation to angel mothers everywhere. Make it count with the best Mother’s Day gifts.

The best gifts find a happy medium between being personal and practical. They’re cherished because of the memories they evoke. They’re proudly displayed as a constant reminder of the beautiful bond between a mother and her child.

This year, give Mom one of the very best Mother’s Day gifts ever: a custom handpainted portrait by an expert artist.

Read on to see three moms’ emotional reactions to their PaintYourLife Mother’s Day presents.


Three Generations of Mothers

NAME knew she wanted to do something extra special for her oldest daughter’s first Mother’s Day as a new mom. As much as she figured her daughter would love a handwritten note or a box of chocolates, she decided to contact PaintYourLife instead to create a Mother’s Day gift her daughter would never forget.

April mother had passed away ten years ago. April knew how close her late mother and her daughter had always been – in fact, her daughter always talked about how she wished her grandmother could have met her new baby. So April worked with a PaintYourLife artist to bring them together. She sent in a photo of her mother and a photo of her granddaughter and the artist painted a portrait of the two of them together. Her daughter loved the gift so much, she cried happy tears.

A Mother’s Day Family Portrait

After the birth of their second child, Lauren and her husband finally felt like their family was complete. Lauren chose her own Mother’s Day gift to celebrate: a family photoshoot of the four of them together.

Of course, Lauren’s husband still had a surprise up his sleeve. He decided to commission an artist to turn their favorite family photo into a beautiful oil painting. Lauren absolutely loved it! It’s now hanging as a showpiece in their great room.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Neale’s mother passed away three weeks after Neale’s youngest daughter was born. One of her biggest regrets was never getting a chance to take a photo of her mother and her 2 daughters together.

When Mother’s Day came around, Neale’s fiancé decided to make her wish come true. He worked with a skilled artist to create a beautiful oil painting of Neale’s mother and her daughters. She absolutely adored the gift.

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special with a Custom Oil Painting

Your mom deserves a gift that’s thoughtful, sentimental, and beautiful. Show her how much you appreciate her with a custom oil painting.

Contact PaintYourLife today to start creating a masterpiece Mom will love.