Best Christmas Gifts Ever: Turn a Treasured Photo into a Custom Oil Painting

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There’s no time like the holiday season to refocus on your relationships and remind the people you love how much you care about them. But for someone as special as the people in your life, you’re not just looking for a good gift. You’re looking for the perfect gift. One that’ll make them gasp in awe, shed tears of gratitude, and give you a giant bear hug. A gift that they’ll cherish for years to come. And nothing fits the bill like a beautiful custom oil painting.

Photo to painting as the best present to the anniversary


Turning a photo into a painting can be the most thoughtful, touching, stunning gift of all.

Looking for some ideas? Here are a few stories of Christmas gift-givers who totally knocked it out of the park by surprising their loved ones with meaningful custom oil paintings.

Love Across Generations

When her husband’s grandmother passed away a few months after their oldest turned 1, Keshara knew she wanted to do something special to honor her memory. She wanted to give her husband a gift that would be personal, thoughtful, and meaningful.

So Keshara hired a portrait painter to make some magic. She sent in the last photo they had taken of his grandmother, one of her holding their oldest child on his 1st birthday. Then, she also sent in a photo of herself holding their youngest son on his 1st birthday. The artist put the two pictures together so that it looked like his grandmother was holding both boys.
To say he loved the finished product is an understatement — in Keshara’s words, “He cried like a baby!” To this day, the portrait is still hanging on their wall.

Turning a Wedding Portrait into a Custom Oil Painting

Emily’s sister-in-law was known in the family for always giving the most thoughtful gifts. But last Christmas, she became the receiver of one. Emily wanted to give her something she would cherish forever. She hired a wedding painter and had her sister-in-law’s favorite wedding photo turned into a custom oil painting. It was a huge hit. In Emily’s words, “She’s not usually one to get emotional, but she teared up when she saw it. I think I won for giving the most thoughtful gift this year!”

Honoring the Memory of Grandparents

Autumn wanted to give her parents a special Christmas present they’d never forget. She knew that they both missed their parents, her grandparents, very dearly. They wished they could have gotten a photo of the four of them together when they were still alive.

Autumn decided that for this Christmas, she’d make that dream a reality. She hired a painter from Paint Your Life to paint a custom oil painting combining two separate photos of her grandparents on both her maternal and paternal side. Autumn’s parents absolutely loved it. Their reactions were filled with so much joy and tears.

Give a Custom Oil Painting as a Christmas Gift

If you’re looking to give a loved one a truly sentimental present this holiday season, turn one of their treasured photos into a work of art. It’s a beautiful way to show them how much you care.

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