At Paint Your Life, Real Men DO Cry

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emotional moment as man unboxes his paint your life gift

Our portraits are gifts from the heart to the heart. Whether it is a Compilation Portrait of a deceased grandparent holding a grandchild they never got to meet or your parents’ black and white wedding picture colorized and enhanced, seeing that portrait for the first time often takes the words away from the recipient and leaves them in tears. Frankly, it leaves us in tears just watching.

Over the years we have seen many of these unboxing videos go viral because of the raw emotion and wonderful responses. We’re proud that we get to be a part of so many touching family scenes. We love seeing how emotional and sentimental the responses can be.

But what really gets us is watching grown men swell up with emotion when they see what has been created for them…men of all shapes and sizes who can’t help but get swept away in the raw feelings that come with such a unique gift. We’re proud of these men who know how to have a good cry when the situation calls for it. In our book, nothing shows strength more than being in touch with your feelings.

We have assembled a “greatest hits” of real men crying as they open up their one-of-kind hand-painted portrait. We hope you find these videos as moving as we do. We promise you there wasn’t a dry eye on the team when we watched these.

Blown away by the most heartwarming gift  

In this video, is my husband, Chris, opening his surprise gift a few days after Father’s Day. He lost his grandmother many years ago before he ever had children, so she was never able to meet them. She meant the world to him just the way his little girls do. He gets emotional all the time when he brings up memories of summers with her or things she would always say.  The painting, so beautifully done, meshed together his grandmother and our three girls into one. He absolutely loved it! Thank you! 

Ericka Lambert

Bridging heaven and earth

Ben`s brother passed away in 2006, and unfortunately, we never got to meet, nor our children. But, with the help of Paint Your Life, I was able to have him painted with them as if they were together.

Alexa Wikert

Our favorite part of this video: 

Son: “Are you sad?” 

Dad: “No. I love it” 

Man and (a portrait of) his best friend

My Employer for 25 years recently lost his Golden Retriever, Lacie. As a Christmas gift I wanted to capture her on canvas for him and his family.  I found Paint your Life online and submitted several photos of this beautiful sweet puppy and they worked with me to create a gorgeous work of art for the family to treasure! His reaction says it all!

Overwhelmed with emotion

My fiance lost his father several years ago and they were very close. He would say often how he would have loved his granddaughter but unfortunately, she was never able to meet him. She will be two soon and I felt what better Father`s Day gift than a painting showing grandpa and granddaughter together for the first time? Our painter, Anne, is amazing and my fiancee couldn`t have been anymore overwhelmed and excited when he saw two of his greatest loves together. THANK YOU!!!

Ivelisse Rodriguez

Grandma and great-grandbabies together at last

My husband’s grandmother passed away a few months after our oldest turned one, the last pictures that we have of her are from his 1st Birthday, I wanted to do something different for my husband for Christmas this year and get him something that was personal, special, and would mean the world to him.  I had them put the two pictures together, so that it looked like she was holding both of them, the finished product was amazing. And to say he LOVED IT is an understatement, he cried like a baby! Mission Accomplished!! 

The perfect gift 

My husband`s father passed away in January 2020. I wanted to give him this painting as a motivation to continue pursuing his dreams. His father wasn`t able to attend his commencement services however his Father was so proud of him and his many accomplishments. He was also excited to hear that he was pursuing his Doctorate. My husband is hard to surprise but I finally was able to surprise him!

Misanya Bush

Remembering the love…always

My fiancé’s mother passed away while I was pregnant with his firstborn. So his mother never got to meet our son. I decided to have this beautiful picture made for him as an early birthday gift.

Sandy Morales

Creating a moment that could have been  

My son`s best friend died 6 months before my son`s daughter was born. He was supposed to be her godfather. He knew he would never have a picture of them together. Best gift ever!!

Jessica Cook