Did you know? We REALLY love our pets!

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Let’s face it, as a nation we’re in love with our pets.  We celebrate their birthdays, dress them up in cute outfits, send pictures of them to our friends and relatives and generally treat them as if they were our very own children.  You may think this only applies to childless couples, but many families with children not only treat their pet as one of the family, they actually give them preferential treatment!

A $50 Billion Industry

The pet business in the United States is a $50 billion industry, covering everything from pet foods to pet accessories such as leashes, collars, combs, brushes, pest treatments, shampoos and coat conditioners and various other grooming products, to veterinary care, health insurance, and yes, pet portraits.

We pay a fortune to have our pet’s photo taken, whether in a studio or in a natural setting, with Fido’s favorite toys or wearing a bow, a little sweater or even a tuxedo collar.  Even those who have no predisposition whatsoever to dress up their pets still adore them so much that they prominently display their photos in their office workspaces and on their living room walls.

Pet Portraits on Canvas

Now pet lovers can put their beloved pet photos on a canvas, suitable for framing courtesy of PaintYourLife.com.  Much more impressive and lasting than a mere photo, animals canvas are handsome works of art that will help you preserve your memories of your beloved dog, cat or other pet.

We all know that our pets’ lifetimes are much shorter than our own, and all too quickly they go from playful pup or kitten to elderly companion, and then they are gone.  A canvas portrait helps preserve their memories forever in an attractive showpiece you’ll want to display prominently in your home or office.

What Kind of Picture Should I Use?

The best photographs to use for this sort of project are high definition ones; JPGs that are at least 3 megabytes in size.  That way they will blow up nicely for one of the larger size paintings.  Sizes range from 11 by 14 inches to 40 by 60 inches.  If you don’t yet have a picture, consider using your camera’s maximum picture size of 5 to 10 megapixels when you snap your photos, especially if you plan to go with one of the larger sizes.

Amazing Layouts

You can choose from a variety of layouts, and make your picture into a split canvas, grouping or collage instead of just a single panel canvas.  Creating canvas pet portraits is a splendid way of showing off and enjoying your pet’s photographic attributes while at the same time finding a creative way to decorate your living space!