Taking Pictures that Make Beautiful Wall Art

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These days, it is easy to get a good quality camera, and this can be your first step toward taking beautiful pictures that you will love to display.  There is much more to taking the most attractive images than just picking up the camera and clicking the shutter.

You need to understand how to create a picture that looks just as good as the professionals and will look extremely attractive when displayed on the wall. Just imagine turning that boring picture of your kids sitting in a chair to something so beautiful, timeless, and perfect that you want to turn that image of your kids into an oil painting.

You can convert pictures into painting, but before you do this, make sure you take the perfect images.

Lighting Is Extremely Important

Great use of the light in a picture turned into oil paiting
Great use of the light in a picture turned into oil paiting

According to Kodak, “lighting can dramatically alter the appearance of a subject. By simply changing the lighting, you can transform the mood from glamorous to ghoulish.” (Kodak) If you are used to taking just snapshots that end up in a box, then you need to learn a little more about lighting.

A few simple steps can make all the difference:

  • Avoid the bright sunlight if you can. It is harsh and it will create defined shadows on the face that are distracting.
  • Never face subjects toward the sun. They will squint no matter how hard they try not to.
  • Consider an overcast sky for outdoor pictures. This will create ambient light that is much more attractive.
  • For indoor lighting, try to open windows for natural light that will look best for skin tones.
  • If you must use a flash, filter it with a diffuser or even cheesecloth over it so that it isn’t too harsh.

Once you understand a little more about lighting, you will find it much easier to get a natural look for your subjects in the pictures. This will translate much better to oil paintings.

Face On Is Not Attractive

You may be used to having your subjects just turn directly toward the camera for shots, but this is not the most attractive choice. It will look extremely unnatural and will not translate well to wall art. Instead, try to capture your subjects in more natural situations. They should be turned slightly to the side, possibly looking away, and just enjoying life. If you capture your children playing in a stream, you will certainly love that image much more than one where they are standing side by side looking at the camera.

Understand the Rule of Thirds

Many beginner photographers have only heard of the rule of thirds, but they don’t know what it is. Essentially, you need to consider the framed image in your camera viewfinder as if it were split into three sections evenly. Now, when you frame up a subject, never put them right in the middle.

Instead, think of the two imaginary lines that create the three sections and then place the subject on one of those two lines. This will work for a more attractive image whether you are photographing a person or an object.

With simple tips, you can turn everyday snapshots into something so attractive and beautiful that you simply will not be able to wait to get it on the wall. Then, you can turn that timeless portrait into a beautiful oil painting. Just make sure you choose the right light, position your subject properly, and try your best to adhere to the rule of thirds. This will make a big difference.