Bring Your Wildest Dreams to Life with a Custom Hand-Painted Portrait

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We all have dreams–some of which are realistic, and some of which…might be a bit impossible in practice.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to live those dreams in other creative ways–that’s what art is for.

Perhaps you’d love to see what you’d look like brought to life as the Incredible Hulk.

Or create a dreamscape filled with scenes of your various accomplishments from the past, such as your graduation day, wedding day, or arrival of children and grandchildren

While photos have limitations in what they can capture, art can take you to worlds and dimensions you never dreamed were possible.

Which is why we offer our customers the opportunity to commission a professional artist to use oil, charcoal, watercolor, pencil, or other mediums to create a custom hand-painted portrait depicting their dreams and fantasies.

Read on to see a few hand-selected examples of what our artists have been able to do for our customers, from dressing up a dog to inserting a loved one into a famous painting!

An Awesomely Unique Pet Portrait You Have to See to Believe

Some things are just difficult to make happen.

Like getting a dog into a royal military uniform.

Whatever the reasoning, one of our customers asked us to paint her adorable bloodhound in a majestic and honorable uniform–something that certainly wouldn’t have worked out in photo form.

See what the customer thought after receiving the portrait to gift to her partner below…

“My partner had always wanted a painting of our Bloodhound in a royal military uniform. But it is so hard to find an artist to create something so unique. Well, after reviewing Paint Your Life, we decided to give them a try. And the results were beyond our expectations. Great quality. Easy editing. And delivered ON TIME!”

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Who Says a Portrait Can’t Capture Multiple Achievements?

From graduation day to new family additions, there’s a host of sweet memories tht deserve reflection on a daily basis.

Unlike still photos, painted portraits can combine a series of scenes and memories in one piece–which is precisely what the following customer did.

She wanted a painting that would include every major achievement in her life. From her childhood to her 10th marriage anniversary, our artist brought to life a beautiful spectrum of memories that spanned the course of 50 years of life.

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A Giggle-Inducing Portrait

Some fantastical portraits are less fantasy, and more of a light-hearted way to bring out laughs and smiles from family and friends.

One of our customers wanted his son-in-law painted as Adam on The Sistine Chapel.

As you can see from the final version of the portrait below, it’s hard not to crack a smile upon seeing the son-in-law’s face in the painting!

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Now it’s your turn–what dreams or fantasies would you like to see come to life in portrait form?

Whether they be on the sentimental, humorous, or science fictionesque side, there’s a whole range of options we can help make happen.

Check out our various portrait galleries for more examples and submit your order today!