How Color Can Change the Feel of a Room

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We have all seen them. In houses and apartments. In offices everywhere you go. Sterile white walls that lack any semblance of personality or character. Vacant and blank walls void of any individuality or charm. What can be used to change the lackluster and tiresome monotony of white? The answer is color!

Color Makes Rooms Come to Life

Some people are afraid to use bold colors in their homes or personal spaces but color can revive a room and breathe new life into it. The color that you choose to use will depend of what you want to say about your space. Even though colors cannot talk audibly they communicate a lot about who you are and how you feel about your room.

Using Color to Evoke a Mood

Researchers have been studying colors and the effects that it has on people for many years and what they have discovered has changed our lives in many ways. Not too long ago all hospitals and doctors’ offices were white everywhere. The thought was that the color white made people think of clean sterile things which is a good idea for a hospital. But researchers found that the color white actually makes some people feel anxious. As a result of this research many hospitals and doctors’ offices are now painted in soft warm colors to help patients feel more at ease.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 20.36.18The above picture shows a room that is all in white. The room feels stark and cold.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.27.08Here you see a room with some nice color added. The feeling in this room is entirely different from the first picture. The addition of warm colored furniture and cabinets and blue walls gives the room a comfortable and homey feel. The bright and cheery pillows pillows and wall art adds additional personality and charm to complete the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Let’s look at another example of how color can evoke a feeling in a room.

The feeling of the two above rooms are totally different because the colors are so dissimilar. The room on the left has a feeling of being cool and more sanitary whereas the room on the right feels warmer and more inviting and homey.

Using Color Appropriately

When using color it is also important to take into consideration what size room you will be painting. Typically smaller rooms should not be painted darker colors because it will make the space appear to be smaller. When choosing which colors to use think about the purpose of the room and what mood you are trying to convey. Color is a powerful thing and choosing the wrong color could be disastrous. But, rest assured, no matter what color you decide to use, if you don’t like it you can always paint over it.

Bold color decoration is a great alternative. Like Pop Art on Canvas or brightly colored portrait paintings in oil