Don’t Make a Wrong Choice When Turning Pictures into Oil Paintings

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Your oil paintings from pictures will look much more attractive when done properly. Make sure you know how to locate the right company to create your wall art.

When you decide you have a beautiful picture that you think would look lovely as an oil painting, the first order of business is to get it created at the right place. All too often, people do not look any farther than the price tag.

You don’t need to choose a company or a product based entirely on how cheap it is, so make sure you take the time and choose a product that will look its very best on the walls. “A 100% hand painted oil painting is painted by hand by an artist. There are no machines involved when painting their masterpiece.” (eBay) Whether or not a choice is hand painted will have a drastic impact on how good it actually looks.

A Treasured Image

Wonderful oil painting
Wonderful oil painting

If you have a picture that you think is good enough to be turned into a painting, you most likely treasure that image. It could be of your children, your favorite pet, or even an extremely picturesque spot you saw on vacation. In any case, obviously, you will want it to look its very best.

Some companies that don’t offer hand painted images will print them using a computer. Essentially, someone will use a computer program to recreate an oil effect and then they will print it onto canvas. It may look nice, but it will not have that fine, handmade detail that you get when someone actually uses a brush to fill in each stroke of your picture. You have a treasured image and you certainly want to make sure it looks beautiful on your wall.

The Difference

If you are wondering whether or not the difference is enough to make the price worth your attention, then just consider how a hand painted oil painting will certainly be an upgrade over something that was printed on a machine.

  • You will be able to see the brush strokes if it is hand painted. With a printed piece, you will not.
  • A person will pay much more attention to detail when they are holding a brush instead of clicking the button on a mouse.
  • Your picture will be a true, one of a kind work of art, not something that could be reproduced within a matter of seconds.

As you can see, there are numerous differences when you choose a hand painted piece compared to something that was done on a computer.

Finding the Right Company

It is extremely important that you find the right place to have your portrait turned into an oil painting. Some companies overcharge or undercharge or supply just subpar work. Remember that you are taking a treasured memory and turning it into something that will grace your walls for many years. Take the time and choose a company that offers truly handmade oil paintings created to look just like the image you provided.

When you decide to have your beautiful portrait turned into an oil painting, you may start shopping around and think there surely cannot be that much of a difference in the options.

You may think the best thing to do is choose the cheapest option so that you don’t have to spend so much money. However, there is a big issue with this. You will be getting subpar work that simply will look like a reproduction on your wall. You won’t be happy. To ensure you are satisfied, only choose hand painted oil portraits.