Different Options for Hand Made Portraits from Photos

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You have options for turning your favorite picture into a work of art. Learn more about them before you choose.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and seen a beautiful picture of their family on the wall? Somehow, they have this extremely attractive picture that looks like it was hand painted. It probably is.

That’s because you can have your picture turned into a hand painted image and that doesn’t mean the whole family just has to sit for several hours while an artist works. All it takes is a picture that you like very much. Then, it can be turned into a work of art. Before you can get started, though, you do need to decide what kind of picture you want. You may not even know it, but there are many more options beyond just a simple oil painting.

Choosing the Perfect Picture

Great picture for a pencil portrait
Great picture for a pencil portrait

Before you get started choosing the right medium for your hand painted portrait, you need to pick the perfect picture. “A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the subject’s personality, attitude, unique mannerisms or any of the other features or traits that form the individual nature of the person.” This is the type of picture that you want to turn into a wall portrait.

Whether it is of your kids, your whole family or just you and your spouse, you will want the picture you choose to show personality.

Make sure you consider all of the technical factors as well. You need to ensure the portrait is well lit, focused properly, and framed up perfectly. Essentially, you want it to be as timeless and appealing as possible since it will be on your wall for a very long time.

Picking the Medium

After you have chosen the perfect picture, then the next step is to pick the medium for your portrait. Remember that you need to choose a company that offers hand painted portraits. If you choose cheaper options, the picture will be printed out on the computer and it will not look like a piece of art. The mediums you could pick from include:

Children's pencil portrai
Children’s pencil portrait
  • Oil Painting – Timeless and classic, this picture will have rich colors and a brush stroked finish.
  • Watercolor – For something lighter and more fun, this portrait will be painted with soft colors.
  • Charcoal – A little more dramatic, the shades of the black and white image will include variations of gray.
  • Pastel – Rich colors and a hand drawn look will show through in a pastel painting.
  • Pencil – A sketch with beautiful colors and fine details that can be treasured.
  • Acrylic – A more loose and vivid type of paint, this portrait will be less detailed and more vibrant.

Oil paintings are often considered the most popular because they do offer that classic and artistic look that so many people crave when they are choosing wall art for their home.

Finding a Place to Buy

The final step to adding a beautiful piece of art to your wall based on your own picture is to find the right place to purchase. You need to make sure you choose someone that specializes in hand painted pictures, not anything that was printed on the computer. If you want the art to look its best, then hand painted is definitely the way to go.

You do have choices when you want to turn your favorite picture into a work of art for your wall. The first thing you need to do is pick the right picture. It needs to show personality. Then you can choose the right medium for the wall portrait and you can have it painted by a professional.