Celebrate the Power of Love with This Truly Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Imagine the following scenario…

It’s your 10th wedding anniversary, and you want to surprise your wife with a wedding anniversary gift that’s different, sentimental, and inspiring. 

In the past, you’ve given her flowers, taken her on a sunset dinner cruise, and purchased a beautiful diamond necklace.

But this year, you want to remind her of how your decade-long union first started–with a custom-painted portrait of your wedding day.

You even know the exact photo to replicate–the one of your first dance, where you’re dipping her low and she looks deeply into your eyes.

As the portrait is unveiled the morning of your anniversary (perhaps mounted in your bedroom), your wife’s gasp and subsequent tears evoke the same emotion in you.

Now, imagine yet another scenario…

Your brother recently got engaged, and after hours of searching online, you found a gift you knew he and his wife-to-be would love.

After the big day, you send a special photo of the bride and groom at the altar to Paint Your Life, where an artist creates a beautiful oil painting bringing that important moment to life.

A few weeks after the wedding, you find the perfect moment and opportunity to present your gift to the lucky couple. Your brother and his wife’s eyes fill with surprise, then recognition, and then emotion–the detail of their facial features against the stunning background of the sand, sea, and sun where they said their vows.

Beautiful hand-painted portraits have the power to help us remember and reflect on wonderful memories from moments of love between life partners, whether the portraits serve as wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts

At Paint Your Life, we make it easy and simple for you to make scenarios as those we described above genuine realities.

Along with an optional artist selection, all you have to do is submit a photo and choose a medium. We’re here to take care of the rest.

We’ll stop here, because we know that there’s no one better to provide feedback on these wedding anniversary gifts than our real-life customers.

Read on to learn about four customer experiences with giving or receiving an anniversary or wedding portrait…

A First Wedding Anniversary Gift

“The painting was a gift for my wife for our first wedding anniversary. I wanted to play on the traditional gift of paper and thought canvas and a painting would be a nice modern twist on the traditional gift. The painting depicts our wedding day and turned out to be my wife’s favorite photo from that day. She loved the painting and the way Paul the artist captured everything from that amazing day.” 

Our customer David found a way to make a modern twist on a traditional gift using our service.

Watch the video below to hear how his wife, Elizabeth, reacted to the exceptional gift!

As Elizabeth points out, unlike her wedding photos which tend to remain in albums, she was more inclined to hang a painting on the walls of their home to enjoy for years to come.

A Wedding Gift That Brought Tears to Eyes

Our customer Irina experienced the emotional joy of receiving a portrait as a wedding gift.

The artist was even able to add in elements of her dress that the wedding photographer didn’t manage to capture! Check out her testimonial below…

“I can not express my love for our beautiful painting done by PAINT YOUR LIFE! We received this beautiful piece as a wedding gift from our dear friend. This is by far the most sentimental and gorgeous gift we got. When I pulled away the packaging and saw the painting I began to cry. The artist did an amazing job and I couldn’t believe all the detail. Down to the buttons and detailing on the dress.

This photo was taken with my train bustled and when I received our photographer’s photos I was bummed and I didn’t have many photos with the train down. My friend knew about my dismay and asked the artist to paint in the train. After she told me about all the great and thorough communication she had with the artist I was in awe! I will most certainly be using PAINT YOUR LIFE  in the near future and will be recommended them to anyone looking for beautiful canvas paintings! Thank you for this amazing piece! It’s a beautiful statement in our home.”


Like many of our customers, this customer also highlighted the amazing attention to detail included in her portrait depicting her and her husband on their wedding day.

It’s common to want each and every artistic detail to be captured in a custom portrait–and our artists consistently deliver on that desire.

We always work to ensure that the receivers of these portraits are able to easily recall and be reminded of all the details that made their special day what it was.

A 30th Wedding Anniversary

Multi-decade wedding anniversaries are the perfect occasions for pulling out all the stops.

If you or your parents, grandparents, or friends are celebrating a 10th, 20th, 30th, or 50th anniversary and beyond, a sentimental gift such as a hand-painted portrait is a real winner.

Learn more about one of our customer’s superb experience of gifting a portrait to his or her parents for their 30th wedding anniversary by reading the testimonial below…

“My parents met while in college. I recently graduated from that same college where I also happened to meet my boyfriend. Now they are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. We wanted to do something extra special for them to show them how much they mean to us. We used Paint Your Life and the artist David before, the finished painting was so great we knew this would be the perfect gift for my parents. Thank you for capturing the young love of my parents 30 years ago! I highly recommend this site and David as an artist!”


We love how this customer surprised his or her parents for their very special 30th wedding anniversary–and used a favorite artist from a past order in the process!

The Perfect Gift for a Dear Friend on the Big Day

Childhood and college friends shape our lives in significant ways.

When they get married, it can be tricky to find the perfect meaningful gift to show them just how much they mean to you.

Our customer learned just how lovely a custom hand-painted portrait was as a gift for her best friend from college. Read the testimonial to learn more about her experience!

“So one of my best friends from college was getting married and I wanted to get them something cool, something that would last and they could hold onto for the rest of their lives. Another one of my friends did something similar and got a painting done for one of his friends as a gift for a wedding he was in. I was like hey that’s a good idea, where did you get that done and he told me. So I went online and checked out the website, read a lot of reviews and decided to go for it. I submitted the photo I wanted done and worked with the artist on what type of paint to get it done in. Very easy to work with and make adjustments because the photo had to be cropped a little but they were quick to make edits.

I was definitely nervous when they sent me the first progress photo because when I saw it, I was oh boy, what did I just pay for. This better turn out good. Then a few days later they sent me the final to approve it. WOW!!!

It was AMAZING!!! I looked at it and I couldn’t believe it was actually a painting!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I approved of it instantly! It got sent out to my friends and they LOVED it! Highly recommend Paint Your Life to anyone who wants to give someone a gift that will last and turn out great! I would definitely go through you guys again!!!”


Taking a gamble on a first-time order can be nerve-wracking, but as this customer discovered, our artists are professional and know how to deliver quality work.

Feedback like this affirms our mission to provide top-notch gift options for a range of loved ones.

By now you should have a good understanding of how special and heartwarming a custom hand-painted portrait will be for that upcoming wedding or anniversary of a loved one.

If you’re ready to make it happen–browse our wedding anniversary gallery (or click the links below for more specific wedding anniversary galleries) to get inspired and select an artist to bring your photo to life.  

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