Awesome DIY Xmas photo ideas for you and your family

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It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is soon getting into full swing! This of course means that our homes are becoming decorated with lights, decorations and the little ones excitement is begging to surface. The Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without those traditional photos of all the family stood in front of the Xmas tree, including the family dog or pet.

This year, why not make an effort to mix it up a little and get inventive with the photos you take by getting creative with what you have readily available. Surprisingly, there are many easy props around your home that you can use to create tones of fun and memorable pictures. Here are some suggestions for the whole family…

Chalkboard art for the baby

Great fun for young children, this is a great one for a young baby or toddler! When you have a chalkboard, the options are endless and you can create beautifully cute and Christmassy photo of your child! Why not sketch some huge reindeer antlers and stand your baby under it? Or, you could even draw an angel halo or other Christmas characters, the options are endless! Try a few things and see what works best with your child and if you get the perfect snap you could turn it into an beautiful watercolor or acrylic child’s portrait.

charcoal drawing

Family Xmas bunting

Why not make your own bunting with your very own unique Christmas message on? It’s very easy to make and fun to do with the whole family! Then take the bunting outside or stand in front of your Christmas tree holding it with your whole family and get someone to take the photo for you! Depending on your taste, this photo would make for a perfect family portrait in oil, pastel or acrylic which you could surprise relatives with.
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.21.16

Couple wreath

This one may be a little tricky, but well worth it for a little romantic spark in your couple Christmas photo! Purchase a wreath, which is reasonably large in size so you can both fit in, put on a Santa hat each and then smile for the camera! You could share the wreath around your waste or over your heads the choice is yours. A beautiful couple photo can look beautifully romantic as a watercolor portrait and is a perfect gift for the parents or the in-laws!

Doggy dress up

Our pets are equally as spoiled and loved at Christmas as we are. Why not purchase them a Christmas sweater or hat, dress them up with a little bit of tinsel and take their photo in front of a backdrop of your choice. It will make the whole family smile and you’ll’ have a treasured photo forever! You can also try a wreath over their head, if your pet will tolerate it! You can even go a little further with your masterpiece and use the cute photo and turn it into an oil pet portrait!
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.19.06

Now you have some great ideas to spice up your festive photos! There is no reason at all why you cant get super creative with your photos and family portraits this year. Christmas is the perfect opportunity, and perfect time of year to get the whole family together and involved in some super fun photo taking. Let your creative juices flow this year!