7 Dog Photos That We Love

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Dogs are the greatest. 

They’re man’s best friend – loyal, loving, and always there for you. Big or small, basset hound or Pomeranian, a dog is always worth having in your life. At Paint Your Life, we love dogs so much that we’ll even paint you a masterful portrait of your pooch! In the meantime, enjoy these hilarious photos that we love – they’re sure to brighten your day and make you smile!

1. A Little Cowpoke 

This sweet little pup in a cowboy hat is impossible not to smile at. The cuteness is almost too much to handle! If you’ve ever wondered why puppies, kittens and other small animals are so cute, there’s an interesting explanation in human biology!



 Humans love tiny, cute animals like puppies because they remind us of our own babies. With their adorable faces and tiny bodies, puppies are so cute to us because we see the same vulnerability and preciousness in them that we see in our own little ones. This little guy is no exception – definitely just a cute little furry baby. The hat is just the cherry on top, making the pup somehow even cuter!


2. Ready for Poker Night? 

Don’t worry, it’s not a real cigar! Someone knitted this refined pooch his own stogie to chew on. He’s looking ready for a game of poker with the rest of the neighborhood dogs. 



If you’re looking for creative toys to get for your dog like this homemade cigar chew toy, there are plenty of options out there! A lot of them make for photos just as funny as this one – you can even get your dog chew toysthat look like takeout boxes, s’mores and other goofy-looking items!


3. Squish

This dog’s owner seems to be having a great time. Dogs make some hilarious faces on their own, but if you’ve ever been playing with your dog and done this before, you know it’s about as funny as it gets. 



Getting your dog to make faces for the camera is tough. Sometimes they just need a little extra help from you. A little gentle smush like this dog owner did makes for an absolutely hilarious photo – just don’t get nipped in the hand!


4. Twinning! 

Do you and your dog look alike? You might not take it as a compliment if you do! But these two handsome lads look absolutely dapper in their matching outfits. The owner’s beard and the dog’s long mane match perfectly, making the two of them look like brothers from another…species.



If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume idea for this fall, dress up with your dog! You don’t have to be identical like this dog and his owner, but you can still include your dog in your Halloween costume. 


If you look online, you’ll find that plenty of dog owners have successfully pulled off some truly unique and creative costume ideas with their pooches. One great costume idea for you and your dog this Halloween is to trade places with them. Dress yourself up as a pup and dress your dog up as you! The result will undoubtedly be the best costume in the neighborhood ­– make sure it’s not too convincing, though, or everyone will think your dog really is you!


Dressing up with your dog for Halloween is something you should always document with a good photo. Make sure someone snaps a picture of you and your dog in costume to save!

5. Surfer Pup

This cool dog has it all figured out. He’s out on the water enjoying the simple pleasures of life: catching some sun rays, riding waves, and looking like a champ while doing it. If only we could all be so cool! 



Amazingly, some dog owners have actually taught their pups to surf with them! This might seem crazy, but many dogs are incredibly smart and have remarkable athletic abilities. Some dogs are scared of water and never quite learn how to swim, but others, especially some specific breeds, love the water and are potential surfers!


Some dog breeds that love water and are capable of learning to surf are the American water spaniel, the English setter, the Labrador retriever, and the poodle. However, there are many other dog breeds that are keen on water, so check online to see if your breed of dog is water-friendly!

 6. Like Owner, Like Dog

Your dog loves you, and sometimes you’ll even notice them acting like you. Usually, though, it doesn’t get this extreme! This dog is all ready to crush the competition online – he even has his headset on so he can bark and howl at his opponents. 



If you’re ever at home playing your Xbox and think you’re unbeatable, you’d better watch out for this guy. With a face like that, you know he means business and is ready to rise to the top of the leaderboards!


Have you ever noticed your dog doing something you do? Maybe your pup even mimics your movements or starts to know when you’re about to do something. Dogs are smart, and they pick up on humans’ behavior after a while. So, don’t be surprised if your dog starts to know you better than you know yourself!


 7. Best Buddies 

We humans might think we’re the only ones who hug each other, but these dogs are proving us wrong. Sneaking out into the yard and leaning up on the fence to hug a friend is a truly tenderhearted gesture. These pups are bound to be friends for life. 



If you look at this photo and wish you could have a hug from your dog, you’re in luck! You can train your dog to give hugs with a little bit of work. The best way to do this is to first teach your dog to sit. If you’re a dog owner, chances are this was the first command you taught your dog when you got them.


After you’ve taught your dog to sit and have them sitting down, you can introduce them to hugging. Gently place your dog’s paws on your shoulders and say, “Hug?” This helps your dog learn to associate this action with the word “Hug.” To keep your dog rewarded in the learning process, give them a treat to congratulate them!


Teaching your dog how to hug is fun and rewarding and gives you the chance to play with your dog in a new way. Spending time with your dog is good for your soul. When you’re gone, your dog misses you and they love spending time with you. So, take some time out of your day to teach them a new trick – like hugging!


At Paint Your Life, we believe pets make the world a better place, and that owning a dog is a joy worth appreciating every day. We hope these adorable, funny photos have brightened your day and inspired you to take some funny photos of your own dog!



If you take a photo of your dog that you absolutely love, it’s the perfect material for a pet portrait. Celebrate your pet’s honored place as a part of your family by getting their portrait drawn or painted by an artist at Paint Your Life! You can even use a hilarious photo of your pup being silly as the point of reference. After all, who doesn’t want to see their dog’s happy face on the wall in the form of a masterful work of art?