6 Wedding Gifts Newlyweds NEED

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When getting married, newlyweds are often overwhelmed and swimming in the excitement and craziness of change. 

Giving a thoughtful gift is a fantastic way to help the newlyweds in your life out it and let them know you love them. These six ideas will get you off to a great start in looking for the perfect wedding gift.



1. Give the gift of Personalized Home Décor

When getting married and making a home together, newlyweds are in dire need of meaningful items to decorate their homes. Instead of just giving the gift of a pretty painting (which is great, of course), why not give something more personal?


Decorating a home is a journey – and it should be a fun one! To help a couple enjoy the process of decorating their new place together, give the gift of something meaningful to them to hang on the wall.


Through Paint Your Life, you can turn a photo of the couple in your life into a beautiful piece of art. The artists at Paint Your Life are masters of numerous mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, oil and even pencil and charcoal. You can choose whatever style of art you like best and have an artist at Paint Your Life do the rest for you. 


make a photo look like a painting


The biggest hurdle to jump through in giving the gift of personal art to newlyweds is keeping it a secret. You may need to collaborate with the couple’s parents, friends and other family members in order to keep things under wraps until the masterpiece is revealed.


2. Get the Couple Some Cookware! 

Getting married means lots and lots of meals together. A newly married couple needs all the help they can get with putting their new kitchen together. This is where you come in! If you’re not too sure what to get the newlyweds for their kitchen, you’re in luck – most couples have a wedding registry. This is a handy online list of items the couple has requested from wedding guests. 


Normally, the items on a wedding registry are practical in nature – pots, pans, towels, and similar household goods that every home needs. When giving a wedding gift like cookware, it’s always a good move to check the couple’s wedding registry first. Someone may have beat you to the item you’re aiming to give already!


Looking at the couple’s wedding registry is extremely helpful when trying to pick a piece of useful cookware to give. In addition, though, look around your own kitchen and notice which items you love using most. If you have a favorite wok, Dutch oven, or knife set, this makes a perfect wedding gift!


3. Give the Couple a Photography Session 

With all the craziness of life, it’s often difficult for couples to find time to take photos together. Sometimes years can pass in a relationship with only a few photos taken. For many couples, their wedding photos are the first professional pictures they have together.


an oil painting of a couple at the wedding kissing


So, give the newly married couple in your life the gift of a photoshoot with a professional photographer! Photoshoots are great for building a couple’s confidence in photos together, and a fun and unique date idea. When couple’s first do a photoshoot together, there’s often some nerves. Luckily, a pro photographer knows how to make everyone feel comfortable on camera. 


Photoshoots can be a great way for couples to get to know each other better. The photographer has an arsenal of poses that keep the shoot fresh and exciting. Getting photos done as newlyweds gives the couple an opportunity to show off their love for each other on camera. It’s the perfect gift for a busy couple that hasn’t had much time to take photos together during their time together. 


4. Get the Couple Personalized Glasses, Pillows and More 

After a couple gets married, they’re ready to celebrate sharing a name and a life together. Help them get off to a great start by getting them some personalized home goods! Matching his and hers pillows are always a fantastic gift for newlyweds. So are printed drinkware, doormats and more – the list is virtually endless. Giving the couple something to celebrate their union with is what matters most, so feel free to get creative with what item you choose. 


Custom printed gifts are available online from numerous vendors. Take a look around the internet until you find the perfect personalized gift. The newlyweds in your life will be able to celebrate their union all the more with the help of your gift!


5. Give the Gift of a Great Cutting Board 

Once again, it’s all about food. Cooking together is a special part of married life, so set the newlyweds up with the tools of the trade! 


Shopping for a cutting board is often easier when you have some good experiences with a board of your own. If you love the cutting board you use at home, get another as a wedding gift!


If you’re looking to go above and beyond for the couple, get them a cutting board set! It’s often extremely helpful to have more than one cutting board. This lets you designate one for meat, one for vegetables, and have extras to spare.




5. Keep the Couple Comfy with Some Fluffy Bathrobes

A good bathrobe is one of those things that you often don’t end up with unless it’s a gift. They’re not essential, but they sure are nice to have. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a bath or shower, drying off a bit, and getting comfy in a soft bathrobe.


When a couple gets married, conveniences like this may be out of the question while staying on a budget. This is where you, the generous wedding gift-giver, come in! Giving the couple brand new bathrobes is the perfect way to support them as they transition into married life. Making room for simple comforts is a big challenge for newlyweds and something as small as a nice bathrobe is a big blessing. 


6. Gift Cards!

This gift idea comes in handy if you don’t know the couple very well. Every newly married couple is looking for date night opportunities. So, treat the newlyweds to a nice dinner out – they need it! 


At the beginning of a marriage, everything changes. A couple is working on adjusting to sharing life together, and dates are a great break from work, planning and cleaning. Money for newlyweds is often a little tight, so the gift of a date night makes a big difference. 


If you don’t know the couple very well, go for a gift card to a local restaurant that you love. If the newlyweds are close friends, keep things personal by gifting them a certificate to their favorite date spot. 


When you’re looking to give a perfect wedding present, look no further than these six gift ideas – there’s something here for all the newly married couples in your life! If you’re married yourself, think about the gifts you and your partner received as newlyweds. Your own experiences play a major role in your wedding gift-giving abilities. 


Ultimately, what matters most when giving a wedding gift is to keep the couple in mind and take what you know about them into consideration when choosing a present. A gift on your wedding day means even more when it’s personal – it lets the couple know that they are valued as individuals and as a pair!