5 Year Anniversary Gifts: 4 Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

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Celebrating your Big Day in a Big Way  

When your five-year anniversary with your significant other is approaching, a celebration is in order. You and your partner have so many special memories together – it’s a time to reminisce and remember why you fell in love with your special person. It’s also a great time to go above and beyond for your boo, surprising them with an unforgettable gift. If you’re not sure where to start, these ideas just might come in handy.



Here’s a little bit of a spoiler – these ideas all involve taking photos. Feeling a little camera-shy? You’re in luck. Each of these ideas will help you and your partner feel even more comfortable with each other and create some more unforgettable memories together!


1. Turn A Favorite Memory into Art 

Is there a favorite place you and your partner love going? Maybe it’s a local coffee shop where you sit together and sip drinks. Maybe a mountain you climbed together on a special date, or the park bench where you held hands for the first time.

Revisiting the places where you shared your favorite moments with your partner brings back those special memories and can be a great way to spend time together. A fantastic anniversary gift idea starts with something so simple – take a picture with your partner at your favorite place!

Chances are, you’re picturing somewhere right now where you shared a moment with your partner that you’ll never forget. At Paint Your Life, we believe that those places and memories are worth cherishing – and worthy of art! 


Turning a favorite memory into art starts with taking a picture with your partner. If you and your person are fans of selfies, go for it! If you prefer to get a professional photo taken, this can be great, too. Whatever suits your style as a couple. 

Once you have a picture that you love in a place you love, the gifted artists at Paint Your Life can turn it into a masterpiece in a variety of mediums, from oil or acrylic paintings to pencil and charcoal drawings. 

Giving your partner the gift of personalized art is likely to lead to tears, so have some tissues on hand! Looking back on the most beautiful moments in a relationship is bound to bring up a lot of emotion – and this is a great thing. Staying in touch with the love and affection that carry a relationship forward will keep you and your partner’s love growing for years to come.


2. Commemorate a Favorite Moment from Your Wedding 

As the years go by, you and your partner can look back on your wedding and remember how far you’ve come. Five years of marriage is something to celebrate – and you can do so with something special to remind you and your spouse of your wedding day.

If you hired a professional wedding photographer to document your big day, chances are you ended up with hundreds of photos to look back on. It might be hard to imagine picking just one, but if you have a favorite, it’s the starting point for another great gift idea.  

Although picking a favorite photo from your wedding might be hard, there is an upside to the deciding process – you get to look through your wedding photos! This is always worth doing, and helps you get in the spirit of celebrating your anniversary. Find one that you love most, and you’re off to a great start on this gift idea. 


When you are deciding, pay attention to the details of each photo. Think about what you and your spouse were thinking as the day went on – the excitement, the anticipation, and the overwhelming love you have for each other. So much can be captured in a photo, and you know your person better than anyone else does – try looking for a picture that captures them and everything you love about them.

Reach out to your wedding photographer and see if they sell prints of their work. This is something that many wedding photographers offer in many formats, from photo albums to framed shots. You can request a framed print of your favorite photo from your wedding photographer – this makes a fantastic anniversary gift. However, if you are having trouble deciding on just one, an album is a great option!

If you want to really go above and beyond, you can have one of your wedding photos turned into a piece of art. Paint Your Life’s artists are stellar at capturing the nuances of your wedding memories. A professional wedding photographer and an expert artist are a powerhouse combination that make for an unforgettable anniversary gift! 


3. Book a Couple’s Photoshoot  

Life can move fast. It’s possible that the last time you and your partner had real photos taken together was on your wedding day. No matter how much time has passed since your last pictures were taken, it’s always worth it to have more. 

Getting professional photos done is also a great way to increase your confidence as a couple. Being on camera might make you nervous, but a professional photographer can help with that! Pro photographers have extensive expertise on how to make couples feel comfortable and act natural in photos. This leaves you to just follow their lead and enjoy!

When you’re looking for ways to love on your partner after years together, it’s always a great idea to do things you would have done together early in your relationship, like a photoshoot. Being affectionate and close with your partner on camera is a great way to remind them that you are proud to be with them!


4. Make Your Own Photo Album 

If you scroll through your photos on your phone after five years with your partner, it’s probably an emotional experience. All the dates, cuddles, funny faces, and times when a selfie was totally necessary are bound to make you smile and well up at the same time. Why not compile all of these great moments into a photo album? This is a great way to celebrate the years you’ve had with your person.

Again, though, there needs to be a happy tears warning on this gift idea. Get some tissues ready, because looking through your homemade album with your partner is likely to make you both feel a lot, in the best way. Looking back on all of those memories can be a great part of your five-year anniversary. 


It’s the Thought That Counts

If you are still unsure about what to give your partner to celebrate five years together, fear not. What matters is that the two of you have a great time together, just enjoying each other’s company. Gifts are always nice, but your person’s presence is the best present of all!  

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. If you decide to go with one of the ideas above, chances are there will be some wiggle room for how you approach it. That’s just part of the fun! If one of these gift ideas stands out to you, make it your own. Put your own creative spin on a photo album, or get a goofy selfie made into a fancy oil painting. There’s always room for you and your partner’s quirks and uniqueness to shine through. And that, of course, is one of the best things about love – it lets you be completely yourself.