5 Fantastic Family Reunion Ideas to Remember

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Having a family reunion is the perfect way to get everyone in your family together to share memories, stories and quality time. If you have relatives living far away, planning a reunion gives them the opportunity to visit and catch up with the rest of the family. Read ahead for some great ideas to make a memorable family reunion! 




1. Meet up at a Destination 

This idea is especially helpful if your family is scattered across long distances. Find a central destination that everyone can meet at and plan to have your reunion there! This gives the whole family the opportunity to take a vacation while enjoying much-needed time together. Plus, no one has to travel much farther than anyone else, keeping things fair. 


Like any vacation, a destination family reunion needs a budget. Luckily, though, your whole family can support the reunion financially, chipping in to help with paying for lodging, food and other aspects of the event. This ensures that no one bears the full cost of throwing the reunion. Keeping the costs of a family event fair and balanced saves you and your relatives from frustration and hurt feelings – things you always want to avoid!


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The whole family can contribute to the decision-making process when picking a destination for the reunion. This gives everyone a chance to vote for where they’d most like to meet up with the rest of the family. It’s always best to keep travel costs to a minimum if possible, as a cheaper trip makes it easier for everyone to come for the reunion! 


A great way to save some money when planning a destination family reunion is to stay at an Airbnb. These rentable properties can be found all over and are often cheaper than hotels. Whether you are headed for a spot in the mountains, on the beach, in a city, or anywhere in between, chances are there’s an Airbnb there!



2. Have a Talent Show

Everyone has talented relatives, and often years pass without seeing cousins, aunts, uncles and others showing off their gifts for the whole family. One of the most fun parts of spending time with family is catching up on what everyone has been up to. Having a talent show is an excellent way to give a platform to everyone in the family for showcasing their gifts, talents and abilities. 


When the whole family is together, it’s a great time for everyone to share what they’ve been working on in their individual lives. Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, woodworking, or even a stand-up comedy show, your family talent show will be unique and special – just like your family! 



3. Play Games Together 

Playing games with family members livens up a reunion and keeps things light and fun. Plus, a game-centered family reunion has more to offer to the younger members of the family but is enjoyable for everyone! 


If you have space outdoors, you can set up croquet, Jenga, cornhole and more for the reunion attendees to enjoy. If you’re keeping things inside, there’s still plenty of options. You can have designated tables for different board games and card games, and rotate tables after each game is complete. This way, everyone gets a chance to play each game and to spend time with different members of the family!


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Sharing time with relatives while playing games is the perfect opportunity to bond and catch up. In addition, if some members of your family are shyer and not as talkative, games come in handy as they put the focus on something other than just conversation. 


To encourage everyone to participate, you can even introduce some group games to the family. These games – charades, catchphrase, fishbowl and others – get more family members together playing one game, giving everyone a chance to play at once. There’s even more potential for laughs to be had and memories made when everyone is in on the game! 



4. Host a Movie Night 

There’s nothing quite like kicking back with your family and enjoying a movie together. Why not include your whole extended family in the fun by making a movie night part of your family reunion? Like playing games, including a movie in your family reunion lets everyone enjoy each other’s company without much emphasis on conversation. When you haven’t seen relatives in a while, breaking the ice is often tough – it helps to enjoy an activity together instead of relying only on talking. 


Since it’s likely that younger family members will be present, pick a movie that everyone can watch and enjoy! Classic cartoons like Toy Story and The Lion King are always good options for a family-friendly movie night. This way, the older members of the family still get to enjoy a great movie, but the kids are included, too. Pixar movies are particularly good at making movies enjoyed by family members of all ages!


In addition, hosting a movie night means there’s room for one of the best family activities of all – sharing snacks! Pop some popcorn, put together a bowl of candy, make your own trail mix – whatever your heart desires! Everyone loves eating snacks and watching a good movie, so get your family together for a fun, relaxing night.



5. Take a Family Hike 

One of the trickiest aspects of planning a family reunion is finding a location. The responsibility of hosting often falls on the family member with the biggest house. However, since hosting can be stressful, sometimes it’s best to find an inexpensive, outdoor alternative instead of using someone’s home. This is where hiking comes in!


When you’re planning a family reunion, it’s always a good move to have fun activities planned to ensure that everyone has a good time. Spending time with family in the great outdoors means guaranteed fun and saves you the cost of decorating your house or renting a venue. 


An outdoor family reunion with hiking involved needs to be accessible for younger and older members of the family alike. Typically, this means that a shorter, easier hike is best to make sure everyone can go. Luckily, you can easily find short hikes with great views near you using the internet! 


However, if you have lots of older relatives who would not be able to hike with the rest of the family, this idea can be modified to include everyone. Instead of taking a hike as a family, plan your reunion at the park! This way, everyone can still enjoy time outside, but the less physically able family members won’t be excluded from the fun.




With these ideas in mind, you’re ready to plan a great family reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember! If you’re still unsure of the specifics regarding how to approach each idea, the internet is your friend. If you’re planning a movie night, take advantage of online lists of family-friendly movies. If you’re looking for games to play during your reunion, search the web and you’ll find an abundance of great options. Likewise, searching for hikes and outdoor destinations near you sets you off on the right track to finding the perfect spot for a great day in the sun with your whole family!



No matter what you choose to do for your family reunion, what matters most is sharing time and making memories with your loved ones. The details are fun to plan and organize, but in the end, seeing your family is what makes a reunion great!