4 Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Personalize Your Big Day

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Getting ready for your wedding is always an exciting experience. There are tons of things to go over and plan, including what the ceremony itself will be like. When looking for ways to personalize your wedding ceremony, these four ideas will come in handy. 



1. Write Your Own Vows 

You and your partner love each other so much, and certainly have more than a few loving things to say to each other on your wedding day. So why not write your own wedding vows? This is a fantastic way to personalize your wedding ceremony, making the start of your marriage your own.


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Writing your own vows looks different from couple to couple. You don’t have to follow a formula or cover any specific points. You just share your love for your partner in a way that comes naturally to you, and your partner does the same. 


If you aren’t sure where to start with writing your own vows, here are a few prompts that can help:


  • Talk about how you met your partner.
  • Tell the story of your first date.
  • Share the things you love most about your partner.
  • Give your wedding guests a picture of why you are choosing your person – describe the journey that got you two to where you are now.
  • Make promises. This is what vows are for. Write your own version of the classic wedding vows or opt for something less traditional.
  • Let your personality show. If you love being wordy and poetic, don’t hold back for your vows. If you’re more of a jokester, let your sense of humor shine.
  • Be affectionate. You don’t have to get mushy if that’s not your style but use your vows as an opportunity to remind your partner how much you love them. Let the presence of your wedding guests as witnesses show your partner that you are proud to say you love them in front of your closest friends and family!


If you are still unsure where to start with writing your own vows, fear not. You can look up others’ vows online for inspiration or ask for help from a friend. But don’t doubt your ability to write your own great wedding vows! You have more than enough stories and memories with your partner, and ample love for them, to make a moving and sincere set of vows.



2. Have a Musician Play Your Favorite Song 

Music carries memories and is often a valuable part of the story of a relationship. If you and your partner have a favorite song, have a musician play it during your ceremony! 


Music with personal significance is great to have playing while walking down the aisle. However, it’s even more meaningful when a song is played live instead of just over a speaker. This adds to the intimate and personal feel of the wedding.


If you and your partner have trouble picking just one song, have a musician play a few! You might have one song for walking down the aisle, one song after the ceremony is complete, and another for the first dance later. You can never have too much beautiful, meaningful music at your wedding.


When planning the music for your wedding ceremony, think about what style of music you and your partner love most. If you love to listen to acoustic guitar, you are good to go with just a guitarist and singer. If you want a full band to play during the ceremony, this is also a great option!


If you aren’t sure where to begin when picking a song, these ideas can give you a helping hand:


  • A special song that you heard at a concert together 
  • The song that was the soundtrack to your first kiss
  • The song the two of you chose as “your song” – one that speaks directly to the meaningfulness of the relationship to you both
  • A song from your favorite movie (Disney songs are never a bad choice!)
  • Any song that you always dreamed of hearing at your wedding!


Because music has such great significance, take your time when choosing the songs for your ceremony. Enjoy looking through songs with your partner in search of the perfect fit. This is just another great part of the process on the road to spending forever together!



3. Let the Guests Share Memories and Stories

There’s something special about hearing about your relationship from the perspective of the people closest to you. Making this part of your wedding ceremony allows for you and your partner to be sent off into marriage with love and support from friends and family.


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Hearing memories and stories from your parents, friends, siblings and others is a great reminder of the power of love and the impact your relationship has on those around you. Chances are, your closest people have lots and lots of moving, funny, and encouraging stories to share. 


Implementing a time of sharing stories and memories into a ceremony is simple and easy. Just pass around a microphone and open the floor to whoever wants to share. You’re bound to have some laughs and maybe a few tears along the way. Most importantly, you’ll walk away from your wedding feeling loved, supported and celebrated by your friends and family.



4. Make a Goodie Bag For your Guests 

A great way to commemorate your wedding and show appreciation for your guests is to send each of them off with a gift. This can be something small, so no need to break the bank in an effort to go all-out for your friends and family! The goal of a goodie bag or gift is to give your guests something to remember the wedding by.


If you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding, you may have extra budget to invest in a gift for your guests. If this is the case, a great idea is to keep things personal. Celebrate your big day with your guests by sending them off with items that will remind them of you and your partner.


A send-off goodie bag will look different from couple to couple. Keeping things personal could mean a bag of you and your partner’s favorite things for each guest – special snacks, a postcard for your favorite destination, or something else. It’s up to you!



One great way to personalize your gift to your guests is to write a note in each bag for each guest. This may take some time, but it makes your guests feel loved and appreciated. After all, these are the people in you and your partner’s lives that have meant the most! That’s worth celebrating. The people around you who support and encourage you and your partner throughout your relationship leading up to marriage will do the same all the way through. That’s part of what makes marriage an adventure – you’re not alone!



Above All, Enjoy Each Other

Whatever you choose to make your ceremony unique and special, getting married is an unforgettable experience. Starting forever with someone is worth celebrating and documenting. 


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