Gifts that Make you Cry…In a Good Way

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When the holiday season comes around, so many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by all the choices out there and struggle to find a quality gift that lets our loved ones know how much they really mean to us. It seems tougher than ever to do what used to be relatively simple: find a unique and meaningful gift, in our budget, that our loved ones actually want! We’re all looking for that holy grail of a gift that makes the receiver cry… in a good way.

Without a specific intention to do it, we here at Paint Your Life have been creating gifts that make people cry for years! Take a look at some of our favorites here (and grab some tissues while you’re at it 😉 We didn’t set out to do it, but when you build a platform that centers around your community’s imagination, specializes in capturing and preserving special moments in time, celebrates memories and love…well, it just kind of happens.   

So, this holiday season, we want to share some of the things we’ve learned about giving a meaningful gift. Enjoy this simple guide to help you bump up your cry-worthy-gift-giving game. 

#1 Gifts That Come From the Heart, Enter the Heart

Super emotional gifts don’t typically come straight off the shelf. Meaningful presents like these require a little forethought and an equal measure of heart and soul. Cost does not need to stand in the way of a meaningful gift (think homemade bread using grandma’s special recipe, an amazing playlist, or a framed picture of a landmark childhood moment). When you lead with love, your gift is sure to make its way right to your loved one’s heart.

#2 It’s All About Them     

It’s important to put yourself in the mind of the recipient and give some good thought to what they would like and what would make them happy. Are they music lovers? Art lovers? Minimalists? Collectors? Passionate about a specific not-for-profit cause? Has this year been particularly challenging for them? Ask yourself, what kind of gift would let this person know that they are loved, valued, seen, and celebrated? The answer might be simpler than you think. A little thought goes a long way.

#3 When in Doubt – Go Timeless  

The element of timelessness is a consistent theme in many of the gifts our community members give and receive. Trends come and go and even the hippest fads lose their shine…but celebrating a timeless memory, an outstanding experience, a special moment or a written sentiment is a gift that will keep giving for years (and even for generations to come). Think less about gadgets and tools and more about what inspires gratitude, positive reflection, and inspiration.  

#4  Listen to What the People Have to Say 

When choosing to commission or otherwise purchase a gift, make sure you do your research. There are a lot of choices out there and sadly, more than a few bad actors. When you are researching a company or a service, make sure to take a few minutes to read not just what the company has to say about themselves, but what their customers have to say about them. Read their reviews, check their social media pages, and spend some time tuning into what everyday people have to say about their experience. Reputation matters. 

#5 Your Imagination is Your Only Limitation

Many of our most popular gifts originated in the minds of our community members. Our platform empowers people to create unique hand-painted portraits from their photo memories, and as much as we wish we could say that it was our idea all along…the truth is, it didn’t really occur to us to combine generations or to join a loved one who has passed with a new family member until our community asked for it. Now thousands of people are creating new compositions that we probably wouldn’t have gotten to on our own. The best, most creative, and thoughtful gifts come from letting your imagination off the leash and into the wild. Who knows what great ideas are waiting to be discovered?  

Whatever gift you give, in our experience, when you let love be your guide, you’ll get it right every time.