Feel Like You Missed the Moment? You didn’t.

What if we tried to figure out how much time we’ve spent thinking about the moments in our life that “would of” or “could have” been? How much time do you think that would add up to? Every new bride who has dreamt about her father walking her down the aisle at her wedding, every new parent watching their mom and dad become grandparents and grandparents become great grandparents. Even simple moments like having all the siblings and extended family gathered together in one place. Think about how much joy that kind of togetherness brings. 

A simple truth of life is that circumstances don’t always allow us to live out all the moments we’ve dreamed of. Fathers miss their daughters’ weddings, parents and grandparents leave the world too soon, friends and family move away or pass on and in the place of memories, we’re left with feelings of “I wish I could have” and “if only”. 

But, what if there was a way to create a moment that has only ever lived in your mind’s eye? What if you found a way to capture the feeling of the moment you dreamed of and just… made it happen? 

It might look something like this: 

This is my daughter, Dominique. She lost both of her grandparents a few months apart and she took it really hard. A short while later, she gave birth to her first child. It was bittersweet, as both of her beloved grandparents were not there to experience it along with her. I thought this portrait of her and her son, Kace surrounded by both grandparents would lift her up. Thank you Paint Your Life.

We opened our studios at Paint Your Life in 2006 with the simple intention of turning treasured photo memories into hand-paint portraits. But our clients never cease to amaze us with their emotionally driven and creative approach to portrait art. As a result, our work has become so much greater than just recreating a single moment in time… we’ve learned how to help our clients create moments that most of us have only dreamed of.

Elyse lost her father, George suddenly in April 2014. Our kids never had the pleasure of meeting George who was the best father law a guy could ever have. This gift brings him back to life in a way, giving his grandchildren an image of them in his arms for them to see every day. We love him and miss him and it puts the biggest smile on my face to see my wife’s tears of joy. This is something we will remember and cherish forever.

Life is unpredictable. This we all know. 

But it is some comfort to know that with a few old photographs and a little creativity, we don’t have to live a life of “would’ve and could’ve”, we can actually create the moments we’ve always dreamed, frame it, hang it in our homes, and cherish it forever. 

The process is super simple. It works like this:  

We live in a world that is unpredictable and constantly changing. It’s good to know that some things never change; the love we shared with the ones we love most and the memories of good times together. Paint Your Life is here to help you capture all that and keep it alive forever.