Creating a Better World With Bubbles

girls with bubbles paint your life contest winners

When we saw that photograph of Alyssa’s girls with bubbles spread all over their sweet faces, we knew we had a winner for our funniest family moments contest. The pure joy and innocence of this bathtime moment that Alyssa captured is just delightful! And the audience agreed; three little angels enjoying sisterhood at its finest, with a full bottle of Mr. Bubbles was the clear winner.

But what really blew our minds was the backstory that Alyssa shared with us after she won our gift giveaway contest. Keep in mind, this contest ran in March of 2020, in the early days of the global pandemic.

Here’s Alyssa:

Me and my girls went to stop and shop the other day and we were going up and down aisles thinking of what we needed that’s important, they saw Mr. Bubbles and said mom we NEED this and without thinking I said, “that’s not important put it back.”

All the kids got sad but put it back without complaining . As I was walking down the next aisle, I thought to myself just because it’s not important to me doesn’t mean it’s not important to them, and they need happiness right now. So I told them to get the bubbles and they all went running for it smiling and laughing 💜💜💜

During this time we need to be selfless and think of others, even little things like bubbles make the world a better and happier place!

Wow! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Alyssa. This has been a really challenging time for so many of us. Your reminder of how we can all find joy in the little things is so important. A little act of kindness. A touch of empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a spell. That goes a long way to making this world a better place. Starting with ourselves, our families, and our communities. Now, more than ever we need reminders like yours.

And stories like yours to prove it. 

Thank you, Alyssa and girls! We appreciate you! We hope you enjoy your hand-painted portrait of your three little ladies covered in Mr. Bubbles!